Best futsal, indoor football and street football shoes.

Hugely underappreciated here at Unisport, indoor football, street football and futsal is such an important part of the football world. But which shoes should you rock if you plan to out and play indoor, street football or futsal?

While JayMike definitely is one of the biggest experts in the world on football boots, he’s not necessarily the biggest expert on indoor football, street football or futsal shoes – so he called a friend, and that friend happens to be one of the world’s best football freestylers; a trade which really needs good indoor shoes. So if you want to know which indoor football, street football or futsal shoes to get, sit back and enjoy the unrivalled expertise of PWG and JayMike as they discuss the top 5 best shoes for indoor, futsal and street football.

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Jerry Onmalm says:

Adidas Super Sala and Ace 17.4 Sala. Had both of them for years!

And Scr says:

Does anyone know where I can buy those Adidas spezial’s online?

Ian Thomas says:

Where is the best place to find the Mizuno Sala Premium’s or the Joma Superflex’s? Having some trouble finding them…

Josiah says:

0:52 the ball is flat lmao

Joshua Gayle says:

Where can I get a pair of spezial’s???

udai singh says:

Can we use turfs on street???

Daniel Colebank says:

any advice on if you think puma king indoor / turf are a good choice??

Hasan Al-Mahmeed says:

can you please add a shipping to bahrain@Unisport

Conor Murphy says:

The gazelles are the exact same as spezials absolute blister machines

Avan Roy Official says:

I want to rock my nemesis what should I do?

Micro Cleats says:

I heard Joma has really great with TF and IC. Personally Nike Lunargato was best IC until now, but I am not sure still in market.

TylerT says:

This vid should be named top 5 worst indoors

Victor. R says:

Eqt 93/17 or flight bonafide?

Davide Cesaroni says:

Joma is best for futsal

An Truong Football says:

What about the puma suede

Darmawan says:

why no tiempox Proximo?

Ali Samir says:

Joma top and super flex are so dangerous! They didn’t give stability for ankle joint and whole foods!!!!

Attar Ramadan says:

How about Joma Evo Flex? Is this shoes any good? Compare with Top Flex or Super Flex. Thanks.

Ntwali Ivan says:

I always sore knees after playing indoor football. Which shoe would you recommend i use ?

Anders Louie says:

Er i dansker

Patrick Ho says:

Song name please

Steven Dominguez says:

The pumas are a no, no my friends stomp on my friends stomp instead of tackling

Merpy Things says:

the jomas look like clown shoes

Sasi kumar Muthiah says:

Which is the best indoor boot which is comfortable and has good colour

Chris Gill says:

Can you do a top 5 turf shoes

Antonio Harada says:

Hi guys, what you think about Under Armour Command Indoor? thanks

Deepak Poudel says:

Can you suggest me some good futsal boots not expensive but good for football lover

Muhammad Ismael says:

Hey Unisport! Will the Puma 365 Netfits be durable on turf if I got the turf version?

Brnjo 1986 says:

I got som Joma shoes for 80$

i Blastoise says:

Who else thought that intro song was humble

Wooyeop Kim says:


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