The Nike Mercurial line has been around for 20 years now! Countless Vapor and Superflys have released, most of which are excellent, but not every single one is a winner. Today I countdown what I think are the Top 5 Worst Nike Mercurial Football Boots of all-time! What do you think is the worst Mercurial ever?

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K10 says:

Is this in preparation for the new greenspeeds coming out? * insert eyes emoji *

Alexis Ortiz says:

Jaquavus, it would be awesome to see an updated mercurial collection.

Ruslan Aiman says:

14:36 Almsot immedately. Please fix, Johs…. XD

Dope Kicks says:

Lotta hype for that intro but totally worth it

Milos Perunicic says:

I played in all of these vapors, but somehow i dont remember any discomfort with the vapor 3’s! I mean boy but these damn vapor 4’s killed me every Time on the pitch! could Not wear them the hole game, always had to Switch Boots at halftime! But damn they looked good! I still play to this day with vapors but i really dont like that the vapor 12 Elites comes with flyknit! Tried it, disliket it, gave them away as a Gift! Now im rockin the 12 pros and i really have to say i never had a better take down Model in my Life! Nothing comes close! maybe the veloce 2, those also blew me away as a take down Model. Whats your opinion that?

Excuse the Bad english!
Greetings From germany

Mustafa Jawad says:

The new Neymar mercurial pro sucks bad I played with them once and sprained my ankles.

Harry fam says:

Do top 5 worst adidas top end boots plz or top 5 worst predators 🙂

Mod Mark says:

I still have scars from the vapor 3, had tham in the r9 brazil colour.

Cesar Hernandez Ambriz Cruz says:


shayne joannides says:

Liked the intro Jonathan

The Deku Tree says:

Hi guys, im playing on a 4g pitch in a few days and i was wondering wether i could use phantom vision academies on the ground since they are multiground boots or use my astro turfs on the pitch thanks.

Sam Evans says:

Any chance you could review rugby football boots? I recognize the name of the channel is soccer but I’d love your take on some rugby boots.

Attarsanah Resources says:

Hi. In the next video please explain about the ball they use in EFL called Mitre. What kind of brand is that? I also noticed they use Molten ball in UEL. Are Mitre and Molten equally good as Nike and Adidas?

They Live We See says:

if those mercurials were so painful to wear how come the pros at the time wear them game after game giving great performances, were they custom fitted to each player??

Francisco Acosta says:

Loved the Superfly 2. top-down models though. I still love that purple colourway 🙂 But thos Vapor 4 were always something I wanted. They were badass

Giovanni Torres Quiroz says:

Josh what do you think of the 2014 adidas battle pack

vamosnippon says:

I still remember as a 16 year old, my mate threw his vapor 4 SL at me and immediately I was amazed at how featherly light they were. Good old days. Still love my vapor 5.

Chad Aucoin says:

if you make a top 5, the vapor viii at number 1

Petter Sjögren says:

The mercurial match looks good imo

Lizo Joseph says:

Hey I am the hypervenom fan

derbyyank13 says:

Oh man that number 1! I loved those boots. Fit me really well but definitely paled in comparison to the Vapor IIs

Joy Dias says:

2018 Nike Mercurial Veloce III dynamic: orange and black and white soul

oziel madrigal says:

You must have flat feet. Mercurials are not made for flat feet.

g g says:

Superfly 2 and superfly 3 are the best mercurials ever

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