Why Don’t Pros Wear the Adidas Copa Mundial?

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Masha Ivanova says:

Fan-id-photo makes Fan ID photos for FIFA 2018 World Cup.

niro lord says:

copas are my favourite. No replacements for my casuals.

LazarusTricks says:

Copa mundial, Samba classic, Kaiser 5, my favorite indoor boots. I love the classic style, I see more and more people going back to the more oldschool look for their football boots/soccer cleats. I bought some samba’s classic for futsal last season and this year 3 of mates switched to the more classic look. I just hate the weird colors look and feel of the modern boots.

Jon F says:

I use them as my trainers. They’re a rugged well made boot. I love my copas.

Valon Prenaj says:

Compared to other new boots they are heavier too.

Osama im Laden says:

iam 16 years old and 4 guys in my team wears the copa

daft2114 says:

my favorite video of yours

anup pun says:

copa fan for life.

Mark Robinson says:

My favorite boot was the World Cup. Essentially Copa upper with soft ground base plate. On the right field, these had such an I ncredible bite, and awesome feel. Miss those days.

Barry Cox says:

Super. You make excellent points. Super

2166397 G says:

95% of the football boot market is pure hype and gimmickry. That’s why. No player will get paid to sell shoes kids don’t want.

Jao says:

I just wanna buy copas now, (currently have superfly 5)

saifulizhan says:

Since the begining of its exsistence there are other brands that produce compareable boots to copa mundials. However copas are more consistant in supply and available almost everywhere in the world. I remember bought them in the early 90s when they were very popular. I had to pre order.

James Giraldo says:

josy altidor wears them

Zeibentaul says:

Saying that different boots don’t offer an advantage is simply not true, the boot manufacturers even specifically manufacture different types of boot to provide different advantages. For example, you can hit the ball harder with different materials and different thicknesses, you will get more friction in your hits with different boots which improves your ability to put spin on the ball or to control the ball.

Sussan says:

I had given up on the copas fitting me since they would crush my toes everytime I would wear them to try and break them in so I bought leathter cream and shoe trees and put them away for a while and now they fit perfectly!!! These things really do stretch don’t give up, you might have to give them a bit of a push

9Mare says:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen kaka worn them that second time he played at milan

Keyvon Adelzadeh says:

Ahaha that first “about” was so Canadian

DoubleMika says:

I think one reason for them not to be worn by players is that most referees are wearing them. That’s advertisement enough I guess.

Kieran says:

Although not as popular as they were, Copa Mundial/World Cups are still the best selling boots for Gaelic footballers in Ireland.

clement gerry says:

Jeremy Toulalan still using it..

George Patton says:

Pepe has been wearing full leather Umbro cleats forever

Oran Wilson says:

World Cup boots are better

Joseph Pickard says:

Purely marketing – much like how not many pros other than old time defenders wear Tiempos despite being incredible to play in.

Thiago José Silva de Carvalho says:

Mizuno Morelia Japan still the best!

Arttu Korhonen says:

How about Litmanen

Andres Gallego says:

Best cleats ever, i still like them, if you get the right fit from them they are just amazing.

I says:

I just bought today my copas, I looked to all of them and non of them made me feel that street football spirit, tried pink ones yellow ones all different colours and shapes non of them seemed quite all right then I saw this old fashion cool ones and tried them on, Perfect love them right away I play indoor football, futsal, recently changed for outdoor was not quite sure about the boots, they were kinda more expensive but I pretty sure I made the right decision and so i google it and find out this video so Im now more sure about them, anyway Im not saying the all colorful ones are not good like you said its about personnal taste, anyway I think in the end of the day its all about marketing. Liked the video by the way

Geovanni Tovar says:

Copa Mundial is the most iconic football boot ever.

Nina RV says:

I think modern soleplate would help. I don’t think that copa’s would be good on AG. Am I wrong??

Abraham Yunis says:

I have been wearing the yellow 2009 Nike 10R Rhonaldinio cleats. I am like the fit, feel, eveything about it. Worn out, what should I buy next based on my love for these 2009 shoes?

Jao says:

you know your opponent is good if he wears copa mundials

Bryan Macias says:

Do you think kaka just removed the 3 stripes from his Copas to have the black out look? Or did he actually color them in?

philastine says:

I have always wondered this.

Mark Mays says:

If a pro can get any line of shoe within the Adidas brand custom fitted, maybe in K leather as well, there isn’t much reason to go with the Copa Mundial outside of nostalgia. Adidas seems fine with Copa sales, and they aren’t trying to boost sales with different colorways. Part of the appeal of the Copa is the unchanging and unwavering design. We like the fit and feel, too of course, but there is something about having that classic design. Adidas doesn’t want to mess with that. However, different colorways might encourage the younger gen to start buying (or asking their parents to buy) Copas. My son has really wide feet, and there are many boots he just can’t wear. I got him to try on a pair of Copas after much prodding. He tried them on, said they were the best fitting pair he’s ever tried, but still was trying to stuff his feet into a Mercurial after that.

MTsoccer vids says:

what are the three metal ball things on the copa?

Greg Shearer says:

A love my copas and world cups

Miscellaneous Dudes says:

The referees wear them

attk177 says:

The Copa Mundial Turf is the number 1 referee shoe in Germany. Literally every ref ever wears these, even up to the Bundesliga. The Turf version is so damn common

Mick Aitken says:

Loved my copa, s !! Predator rapier were my 2 favourite boots of all time

Robert kelly says:

Do u think they’ll ever discontinue the copa eventually?

Andy Fulton says:

If kroos would wear copas then I reckon adidas would have him wear them as opposed to the 11pros as the copas are still available to buy while the 11pros arent

LouKayne says:

Yoann Gourcuff did before his switch to Puma.

Ozcan says:

just ordered a pair of kaiser’s instead of copa mundials, i felt that the kaiser leather fits better on my foot over the kangaroo leather weird but its all about personal pref, and that expensive does not mean everything. thanks alot.

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