YEEZY CLEATS FOR SOCCER!?? – Adidas Yeezy 350 Cleat Review – Can you wear for football?


Kanye’s new football cleat inspired by the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350
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Pure Maniacs says:

You said they should taken off the stud but wtf is a stud it’s a pull tab so you can put on the shoe

Young One says:


Chris Pabalan says:

It’s for American football not soccer

Enrique Memije says:

are these good for baseball?

stephenhj carroll says:

Thicker insoles would be more comfortable so therefore it does have a benefit you fucking long haired ugly fuck

Clorox says:

Are u gonna do a giveaway soon?

Redmond Dennehy says:

Can you get them on the Adidas website

Tawana Madzikanda says:

You should include on feet review in the video

GUCCI- Tyler says:

My Instagram is stuntman16821. And I love your vlogs I’m 13. I ride pro scooters to

Simone Bo Simone says:

where did you buy

Yuvraj Singh Grewal says:

early squad


Hi Eial!

Angel Zubieta says:


Blake Mattison says:

Football cleats not soccer

chris parker says:

did you referee at bentley greens today

luke law says:

a new campaign by adidas to get more new Yorkers interested in football

Charles Danao says:

I thought this is for american handball

WaliFootball says:

Nice check out our boots

GC M.A.N.N says:

Insole is thick because in Football you plant and press hard while running the ball you can’t have a thin one of your football will uncomfortable

Theodore Blackburn says:


Leonardo Oliveira says:

Magista Orden 2 with the sock (fake) review???

Leather Boot Room says:

well the title is misleading…….these are clearly for american football…..smh

MyWpProductions says:

They’re for football smh

Bikerace Riot says:

Made by adidas?

Jhon Benitez says:

Woah this is a great video!

I just created my new Vlogging / Sneaker & Clothing channel!
I am trying to learn to bring entertaining content for you!
Any feedback would be great! Thank you!
Lets collaborate together!?

zsac16 says:

is this true to size?

Tor Titor says:


Constant_Flow says:

wats the website u got them from?

Tarynce Antolin says:

can you send them 2 me

max morrison says:

Do you think they would be good for lacrosse?

21 RB says:

This isn’t for soccer, it’s for football.

Greyson McGeary says:

When’s a video on the shoes your making coming out?

OPT123 says:

can you buy these

Quentin Herzig says:

If I went pro I would buy these

Leo Main Bennett says:

where did u get them from

Ethan Thorpe says:

Can’t wear it for soccer because of the stud at the front

dennzer DÓD says:

can you review fyy sports purecontrol steller pack version

Filip Poljak says:

Can you do rewiew on new Magistas?

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