YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THESE! – Adidas Predator 18.3 (Skystalker Pack) – Review + On Feet

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Jack Woltz says:

Say colored collar 3 times fast

Roberto Cervantes says:

Thanks Josh.. I wanted these but if wasn’t a mid cut shoe maybe I’d get it but my biggest concern is the unnecessary mid cut make of this show

Fotballer Balr says:

Josh,at this moment what do you prefer,Adidas Boots or Nike boots

Zane Okubule says:

Do puma one 17.2

Kevin Medina says:

thanks so much for your reviews! every year I buy a new pair and I come to your channel to see how good they are and if its worth it or not so thank you

gdaxce says:

I use predator 18.1

Arda Turan says:

why don’t buy ? im french don’t understand

Ali Ahmad says:

My bro got these and returned them in the same day. Plastic Wal-Mart shoes, pretty much. He got real ace 17+ for $75 junior.

Anton il Gamer says:

It’s soo good

LeoVass says:

Predator 18.2 review coming?

Mark Balencia says:

Was watching some of your older vids and damn bro you got swole quick

Takatoshi Lee says:

The shoe is GOOD!

By SaPa-RD3189 says:

Hey bro, what do you recommend me buying: Predator 18.3, Nemezis skystalker colorway or the tiempo ligera 7? I am looking for a boot that can last a long season and that does a good impression too. I prefer the predator really, but any advice?

Fissi Ismani says:

Josh I love these videos keep up the amazing work . If you asked me what’s your favourite boot reviewer I wood say sr4u

lmao says:

Hey Josh should I get a Nike Hypervenom Phatal 3, Predator 18.2 or Magista Superfly 5

KArstebaRST says:

Hi Josh, I have a very high instep and I have trouble getting into shoes (I recently tried to get into the tiempo legend 7 but I failed).
Do you have any recommendations?

TheKingStark says:

So I thought about buying these Couse at my place They are pretty cheap And im on The Budget Do you have any clears reccomended?

Andrew Zabolotny says:

Do a review of the Nike Roshe 2 and see if you can use them for indoor soccer. Pls

By SaPa-RD3189 says:

would you reccomend me the nemezis skystalker or this predators?

Amelia_C says:

Can you make a comparison video of budget balls like the Adidas glider balls and the Nike pitch? Can you also make a video on what size soccer ball you should be using at what age?

Zachary Bosch-Bird says:

I’m planning to buy it in the near future because I’m on a budget, (I’m ten) so honestly, I don’t have much to criticize about it.

Farel Prawira says:

Its good

Κωνσταντινος Ττοφη says:

guys i am thinking of buying this shoe but what is your opinion,do you thing is good?

최보경 says:

Korean please

lichonski128 says:

what would your list be for the top turf shoes of 2017? I am in the market for a new pair.

Jack Hodgson says:

I was going to buy this today. I thought it was cool. I held off mainly because of the collar felt like they just glued a 99 cent sock on

Ryan’s Reviews says:

I have the 18.3 and for 80 dollars I think it is a decent football boot

NoctisCXIV says:

Which is the best shoe at the 80 dollar price range according to you? (Except mercurials those are too narrow for my foot)

Federico Wabnik says:

I like light weight shoes, that are comfortable and have nice feel on the ball, which do you recommend, Mercurival veloce lll df fg or adidas ace 17.1?

Mohammed Younus says:

Can you tell me which shoe is better the mercurialx victory 6 or predator 18.3 tango

สุกฤษฏ์ สุรสิทธิ์ says:

at the $80 price point, what’s the most preferable cleat in your opinion?


can i use these kind of boots in street, will it damage the boot

philippe roumain says:

shoes dont get u skills

Siddhu Papani says:

Could u do one on the 18.2

WTFx says:

Josh, I like your shirt, but what the hell is the blacked out rectangle and circle? Is that supposed to be a goal and ball? And is that area tacky feeling on the outside? Does it bother you on the inside of the shirt? Circle looks like it might chafe the nips. Thanks bro.

Soccer Reviews For You says:

Please keep in mind that when I review any cleats, but especially takedown models, I factor in how they compare to other cleats that are similar in price and similar in terms of the fit and feel that they have on offer. I also never criticize any element of a cleat without a reason as to why I like or dislike it. Not every cleat is a great buy, and while these aren’t terrible, I do think that they’re not the best option at the $80 price point, for reasons that I explain in the video. Also, at no point in this video do I say that you should spend $200-300 on a top end model because they’re better. Not every cleat can be the best, that’s the reason why reviews exist. Thanks for watching, and look out for my review of the Predator 18.2, and the new Copa 18.1 very soon!

סמואל המלך says:

When I saw it first I thought it was American football shoes.

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