ASAP Rocky UA Osiris D3 Shoe Unboxing + Review

For someone who’s been at the front of pop culture for so many years, it’s somewhat surprising that ASAP Rocky is just releasing his first signature shoe in 2018. Inspired by chunky ’90s skate footwear, Rocky’s Under Armour SRLo features a puffy tongue, abstract upper construction, and a look that — hate it or love it — is unlike anything else on the market today.

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Jesse says:

Really informative video. I remember having a pair of osiris kicks as a kid but the bulky look is so hard for me to tie in with pants. im wearing fitted pants not the oversize baggys. anyway i do like how he is thinking outside the box and going that extra length to bring us something different to whats currently out there with artist collabs.

Alberto Ambriz says:

At first I didn’t like the kicks but now there starting to grow on me

Zyu Navi says:

When do they release?

Jack Mayo says:

ASAP rocky didn’t create no trends. Just hopped on them

Philosopher King says:

osiris is hating. instead of innovating they kept the shoe the same for years no change and now they are instagram beefing.

Christian Barrett says:

These actually Don’t look bad at all, but I will just stick to the Osiris D3 sneakers. I like the looks especially the bulky 2001 models in my opinion.

Norman Jacobs says:

They look like jordan 5 lows

drew killingbeck says:

Dig this shoe and it’s nice to see an in-depth review of it but this guys voice is killing me. He sounds so bored lol putting me to sleep

Drew Daniel says:

If the tongue wasn’t so big, it would be a definite cop

Nirvezz says:

I’d like to see this shoe vs the D3 on a skateboard durability test

The Truth says:

So its a skateboarding shoe

Mr. Dingus says:

Lowkey roasting the sneakers

Prophetz Of The Sound says:


Rick Mendez says:

If the space jam 11’s and Osiris has a baby… fuckin trash mane’

Z!NDa says:

These aint it chief

acidtone says:


Brent Morales says:

Back in 03 even skaters thought the D3s were wack af.

Andreas Tryggvi Jensen says:

if you like the upper of this shoe, you should try to search for ‘nike kukini’

w3llplayed says:

I love asap Rocky, but this is seriously garbage ass shit, stolen design from Osiris, eating up on skate culture again, Under Armour cashing in on skate culture, blah blah this is wack as fuck, stay in your lane, if he wanted to make this he could’ve worked with osiris. Fuck UA.

k says:

Hmm rap personality takes a familiar shoe silhouette and repurposes for their own branded version… cough cough* Yeezys and Roshe runs cough cough*

Ye already proved you can take the past and make it fresh and new. I 100% bet Asap Rocky is going to have some crazy designs for the future after this gets enough hype

AirMax Don says:

Ugly as shit

ScoobySnax says:

Rocky is my mans, but i would rather just buy the shoebox tbh

Louie J says:

Skate in the shoe, that’s a true review.

fleurdesoile flow says:

I like how they look


got these in size 10 hmu

chris Jimenez says:

Looks great but would be better if it was slimed down a bit

a88 a88 says:

Soap shoes.

Brad Piff says:


Nathan Ramirez says:

How much was retail or will be retail?

John Gotti says:

I fucks with rocky but yeah he did lmao

Stephanie Yung says:

I love these puffy skate shoes!!!

acidtone says:

And no skaters don’t need protection like that. Seeing as how nobody makes skate shoes like that anymore. Get rekt tool bag

Diego Kawai says:

How are they on feet? Are they true to size or alittle more loose due to its chunkier size? I’m a size 9 but I usually do a 10 in shoes bc I have a wider foot.

Esteban Silva says:

The shoes look alright, I haven’t seen the price but I’mma guess it’s like $200+

DankAssVibes says:

I love phat ass shoes cause when you don’t wear tight ass skinny jeans like me it looks weird when your shoes are smaller than your pants

eightsixsoldier says:

a world gone evil!

Le3-6 King of getting Lzzz says:

Ugly ass shoes

* graphic content * says:

bro only did this cuz BONES did his with ” ROCKETDOG “

Jordan Davis says:

That’s a big ass tongue

Warrior519 says:

Props to him for the collab but the shoe is trash.

danmar1979dm says:

Fucking Walmart shoes look better than this garbage

toro toasted says:

Been dying to skate some d3’s. Might have to compare the d3 to asap’s shoe

Ethan Malik says:

These are totally a copy of the D3 but I think that these look much better, less 2000s grossness

Mathis Martel says:

I would love to have these

EV MOTH says:

Yall are fools , mayhew is the pro skater not the designer of the shoe
No doubt d3 is sick, but there’s a lot of other skate shoes fashion should do a spin on
Dc,circa, got crazy models

Dion Tjahjono says:

the commentary is absolutely trash. he contradicted himself in the first 30 seconds lmao

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