Running Shoe Review: Under Armour Speedform Apollo

A video review of the Under Armour Speedform Apollo. Under Armour advances their Speedform line with the Apollo–a neutral-cushioned, ultralight model that can be used for every day training. Weighing in at 6.5 ounces for men (5.2 ounces for women) and with a 6mm drop, this new model provides a lightweight ride. Coupled with a seamless upper comprised of unique materials, the Speedform Apollo wraps your foot like a glove. Check out our review to learn more.

The Under Armour Speedform Apollo won the “Best Debut” award in the Runner’s World 2014 Spring Shoe Guide.

Shop the women’s Under Armour Speedform Apollo here:

Shop the men’s Under Armour Speedform Apollo here:


Eduardo Palacios says:

Hi, are these shoes comfortable enough to wear barefoot? And are they good for trails?

Ron Jerham Manangkil says:

this or gemini?

Ray Khor says:

Hi would you recommend UA Gemini or Spine Clutch? I am moderately flat footed. Primary use will just be working out in the gym. Please advise. Cheers!

Thederekperson123 says:

Alright thanks! I appreciate the feedback, keep up the good work, you guys deserve the best!

Thederekperson123 says:

How would these perform on trail runs? Would the Under Armour Speedform Apollo Xc version make a big difference with traction?

MlSSlNGN0 says:

For the price though could I find a comfier longer lasting shoe if I spent $10-$20 more?

Thederekperson123 says:

Sorry one more question, are the Speedform Apollo XC’s meant for running cross country because it’s labeled as “trail running shoes” and that’s throwing me off a little bit. They probably are suitable for running xc, hence the name, but I just want to make sure. Thanks again!

Linford Gaw says:

Hi, another question (: what are the differences between the Apollo and the Gemini? Thanks!

quattro espada says:

can i use this for racing?

JuanCamaney1982 says:

I was going to buy these shoes BUT. The rear end of the shoe the part that hugs your ankle doesn’t have any cushion lining. It gives me the feeling that it would give your ankle blisters from the slim curb, maybe irritate more with no show socks.

mjlv123 says:

ua gemeni 2 is for long distance more cushioning that Apollo. Apollo is for short distance, speed training and track. Apollo is my favorite shoes to achieve all those goals.

Lisence2chill says:

Sooooo If I like the way they look, but don’t run could I just get them as any everyday shoe? Because Idk if they would feel weird all the time wearing them or if they would be comfortable enough to wear anywhere

Thederekperson123 says:

Thanks! You guys really are the best!

DoukiMan says:

Under Armour Speedform Apollo or reebok zquick or nike nike lunarglide 6 or nike free run 5.0?

Julius W. says:

i love the track background with the fall weather, great videos and shoes

Terry Hesticles says:

What’s the Intro song if you don’t mind me asking

HolabirdSports says:

+Tyler Gaul Our product tester who is wearing this shoe says that he has worn the Apollos for about 150 miles and it is holding up better than expected. Depending on your body type and gait, this shoe could last 300+ miles.

Tyler Gaul says:

+HolabirdSports how fast would/does the shoe wear out? thx

skuirpy scuirpy says:

can you run full marathon with that shoe? or should I find another shoe? im finding well advanced marathon shoe

jakkawin niyomsirivanich says:

Can I wear this shoes for casual. Is it will look good? I want an oppinion.

Franklin Mejia says:

Where can I get them, I’ve been looking all over for this shoes, I want the one that this guys is holding. please advise. Thanks.

csfm00 says:

Great review.. A question I have is would these shoes be a good option for training/racing? I run some shorter runs but I also do a few longer ones like 10 mi and half marathons. 
I typically run between 500 and 600 miles per year. This yr I used the Asics Lyte33. They felt great and kept me injury free so I’m not looking to replace them. 

Brad Evand says:

Excellent! Had my friend in Australia convince me to finally get me a pair since they’re the same price as it is in America. Will have them shipped VERY SOON (given the fact Thailand has never heard of Under Armour and most Thai people ask me what it is and are in awe when they see me.) Haha.

Linford Gaw says:

Hmm should I get this? Been looking at reviews and it sounds good. Or maybe should I get the Nike flyknit racer? It’s a rather popular shoe too. What’s the differences?

Collateral Vincent says:

would this be good for 5k runs

Thederekperson123 says:

Would the Under Armour Speedform Apollo XC perform well for crosscountry practice and maybe even some races? We run on dirt and grass usually.

whereaspa says:

Would you mind share with us what the background music is? Great theme with both high-tech and relaxed ambience!

Blue Gator says:

nice video

conbro1990 says:

Great review. Thank you!

quattro espada says:

hi. do u think the outsole and upper would be durable.. i have a pair of them, and im curious about the durability of the shoe.

Giorgi Tsintsabadze says:

I’m waiting for them …

delarosafamily says:

is this true to size? i’m 9.5 mostly with nikes

Arjun Singh says:

Hey, great review. I could use a few tips. I’m looking for a new pair of gym trainers. I use the same pair to run about 1km prior to each of my workouts in the gym. I have weak ankles and I feel like I could use a pair with more cushioning. I dont know if thats a good thing for my ankles or not, I feel like you’d have some pro advice for me in that department. Could you guys help? Right now, I’m keen on nike/under armour/reebok and adidas. I have been using the reebok realflex (2014) model till date and I need to replace them. I wanna order them in the US itself as I know someone coming back home from there so I really hope you guys can let me know your thoughts so I can order asap. Thanks!

christhan boodhoo says:

bro get some baggy pants

omar pena says:

The neon green looks very cool

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