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Shot by: Emily Chan –
Edited by: Mike Kuo


East West says:

Under Armour stink like your under arms. It’s for douchey athletes that wear them ugly compression shirts to the club thinking that it’s a clubbing shirt…

FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT) says:

As a runner, defo checking this out

AG Watt says:

Nelson where did you get a pair of the hovr phantoms I can’t seem to find them anywhere

PEKKAfingers says:

Nigga u not on a speech and debate team. Slow the fuck down when you talk.

A Mishel says:

Jon Doe says:

Lame shoe

BBOY24 Vids says:


drsnowmon says:

Anyone who’s ever tried on UA knows they make quality hoodies but when it comes to shoes, nothing beats adidas currently. Once you go boost there is no way coming back

Leonardo Egoávil says:

My kingdom for the Sonic…look really good!.. <3!

thedude says:

both clean but your vid just sold me on the white and gold.

Josh Imperfection says:

ice skates

AndreH says:

Is the hovr cushioning also on the forefoot?

Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown says:

I’ll give them a chance. Both acyually

Cj0ne says:

How does it compare to ultraboost, in regards to running?

Healthy Trollmeister says:

are they true to size?

Mrdright24 says:

Those will be my first pair of Under Armour sneakers

Dmitriy Dillon says:

Under armor is slept on. I have the sling ride fade and there amazing

Tyler Christian says:

When you mentioned the Bluetooth that connects to the app, I thought about that iCarly episode where they wore shoes that damn near killed them

Thariq Rafiq says:

does it support feet with high arch??

Glenn Deal says:

Can’t find them to buy !!! Someone help !!

WtfARabbit says:

Looks like a knock-off Ultra Boost

Pro360Ghost MLG says:

I subbed because of the 1vs1s. Is this a shoe review channel?

theshoeter says:

for sale here

Theo H says:

airmax x ultraboost

Rene Perez says:

Are these for hooping?

Michael Lo says:

Did the phantom come in a different box from the sonic for yiu? Cause other social media outlets have been getting the phantom in the media pack made of acrylic, but yours came in a black box and not the standard shoe box like the sonic?

Stefan Urquidi says:

Bruh I’d never run in these, they look like they got a good 14 millimeter drop, a super thick midsole, and so support on the upper, you’d def role an ankle is these

Tito Xen says:

wow nice i need other new pair ultra boost

Terrie Cruz says:

What’s the name of the Nike gray shoes at the back? Thanks!

D Leong says:

Im suspicious of reviews that gives all pros and no cons.

Abdifatah Yakoub (2024) says:

280 view

Timothy Watt says:

Nelson how did you get a pair of the hovr phantoms I can’t seem to find them anywhere

Pernection says:

Right for the price.

Teckz Yu says:

hello where can i buy any idea online store tnx

Kol Bot says:

UA are slept on fr

Marten Dekker says:

Looks complete shit. & white to boot. Expensive garbage.

Nathan Chamley says:

I thought it was a boost

Kamil Ponikowski says:

You know that he got sent these and got told (maybe even paid) to promote these on his channel, this review is so one-dimensional, fake and non-objective

MinuteRice SOOD says:

Legend has it if Nelson likes Kobe’s he would pin it this comment

Raul Montoya says:

I never own white shoes but I wanna get them for running. Can I easily clean them?


Is this good for running ?

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