UA ClutchFit Drive Review

KickGenius back with another work out video and this time we take the UA ClutchFit Drives for a final test drive. Hopefully this video helps out anybody that was on the edge about purchasing this shoe and maybe needed a second opinion..

If you’re interested in purchasing the UA ClutchFit Drive, you can do so here:

Any further questions, you can reach the KickGenius team on Twitter & IG @Kick_Genius

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Kenneth Benoza says:

is it good for flat footed? just like me. sorry for me english. thank you

Max Damian says:

Some of this seemed scripted. Not all of it though.

Curry The Three says:

i would like the curry one high cut

Chester John Carandang says:

hope you can test the cluchfit drive 2. tnx

MAD mike says:

do a performance rest on the clutch fit drive 2

Farid Benkhedda says:

nice sneakers

Johnny Lee says:

How about outsole when you play this shoe outside????

Zack Lorenzo says:

I’m probably the only one making a big deal about wearing Nike soaks and with UA kicks

Raymond Li says:

are these durable indoors and outdoors

JoeMafilmZ says:

These are on sale for 40$ at finishline!

SincearMaster says:

They look like KD 5

Carlos Pena says:

Under armor with Jordan doesn’t go

Logan Bergdorf says:

Can someone plz tell me where to find these. I can’t find them no where

Jack Sutherland says:

Do a preformance test of the clutch fit 2’s

Wicho Davila says:

yoo tre I wish I could be in one of ur basketball videos

Wilson Vega says:

how much is the clutch fit drive at store.

Hans Lenon says:

are these durable in outdoor play? and does it still have great traction

Andy S says:

Clutchfit Drive 2?

Harrison Pao says:


Cade Cronister says:

what is the best gripping basketball shoe

Johnny Lee says:

I got mine its very look nice in person

Ka Lik Siu says:

Do you guys know how the UA ClutchFit Drive 2 perform compare to this? Thank you.

billzy says:

can you do a performance test on the UA micro g charge bb because I’m thinking of getting them

Michelle Cline says:

you need to try the clutchfit drive 2 low

Couper Kent says:

Man you guys have nice shooting forms you should make a video on shooting form (sorry if you have I don’t watch YouTube that much)

Mamang Udin says:

it look slippery

KickGod no. 3 says:

Does this got the Kickgenius stamp of approval??

Joshua Steen says:

hey kick genius can you please do a lebron 12 vs clutch fit drive video comparing the two? becasie right now I am looking at getting a new basketball shoe for Xmas , I play men’s club level which is the same to USA college d2 , I play in England (UK)

MrFresh says:

thats bullshit, in australia it cost like over $150

Julian Wilcox says:

Got these for $50 at marshalls

affaf saf says:

Very nice

Brandon Prazak says:

So the traction indoor isn’t bad?

Syed R. Zaidi says:

what about the UA ClutchFit™ Drive Highlight II?

Wicho Davila says:

and I want to play with j Jones to

IQ Kicks says:

so does it get the kickgenius stamp of approval

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