Today I’m reviewing the Under Armour Architech Futurist. The 3D printed sneaker!

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Stephen Taussig says:

It’s a weightlifting shoe…..

Uli Peterson says:

Just imagine little stones are getting in the sole
A nightmare.

victoria says:


Louisiana Focus says:

No-one is wearing that shoe anywhere. That was a waste of good money.

Danny D says:

Hmm, i dunno man. I like the view from the front, but not from the side and back.

Orion Mok says:

How much for the retail price?

_vlex says:

They seem like some y-3 thing, these are nice.

Simon Halter says:

How much would you be willing to pay for the yeezy 350 v2 cream white and what do you think of them?

TheSleepingOz says:

Gimmicky POS

Yung Falafel says:

Shouldn’t 3D printed shoes be less expensive because you eliminate almost all labor costs?

Jatastic _ says:

You should add some different music. Great vids bro!

Diarmid Thomson says:

Balenciaga vibes

et dubin says:

They look super dope on foot I gotta say

Tosin Ogunlesi says:

Great looking shoe!! Is there a low top style coming out soon? I feel a low top version will be fire. Kind of like the same feeling I had with the Adidas Crazy Explosives.

Saad Ehsan says:

wouldve looked so much better if it was just a low top shoe with a quarter zip on top instead of laces. the shroud on top of the main shoe looks really strange. also as someone else said, this shoe is more of a gimmick than anything if the 3D printed midsole doesn’t actually do anything

Cyber Saliot says:

Your reviews are solid man. keep it up!

Ramon Mendoza Nunez says:

what size did you review and what is your true size?

Ukali says:

I’m in love with these jeans you wore in the on feet part of the video, where did you get them?

Icex Aoki says:

So the price is justified by the new 3D printed soles, but the soles doesn’t really innovates anything? Sounds like waste of money for me. Good review doe, keep it up

Pernection says:

Toe box is too low profile

Kyle Vinci Solano says:

how advanced you are
-seth 2017

Will B Thompson says:

“if you’re european you might wear this shoe on track day in your alpha romeo”….lol

Alexander Hickey says:

Feetz sells better custom 3D shoes for 150 dollars. They actually scan your feet to make a perfect fit.

Marvinheim Gaming says:

Looks dope, like the Y-3s.

airfuzz4 says:

It’s all for aesthetics and novelty of 3D printing. Simply to try and be different.

The shroud is nothing different having been introduced in the early 2000’s by Reebok and Nike. Most notably the Reebok Shroud for Shawn Kemp during his first year in Cleveland. The shoes are nice though.

Teo Resnik says:

uncage themmmmm

Danny Cabrera says:

Seth, love your videos bro but why you buy the TMNT 9000s lmao what’s with that split in the toe box?!

Matthew Hanna says:

You should do a video on industries design

Bruno Cornelius Dörner says:

They are actually very nice on feet, the toe area is just a little bit pointed I don’t like it that much but overall the shoe is dope! Very good video keep on doing that!

Andrew Simon says:

The 3D printed midsole is functional for someone who actually uses it for its original purpose which is training, more specifically someone who uses a power lifting shoe for OLY movements, squats, or deadlifts. This is why it’s the 3D printed midsole is stiff, it should be compared to the Adidas Adipower line, or Nike Romaleos. It then doubles as a more versatile shoe that can be used in the gym because of the charged cushioning and overall flexibility of shoe.The Adipower and Romaleos would not be a comfortable gym shoe because it is too stiff, and should only be used specifically for OLY or power lifting movements assuming, bio-mechanically, you need that heel lift. I do agree however that the majority of people who bought these will end up using it as a lifestyle shoe, it does look better unzipped, and I will personally only ever where it as such.

Aaron Israel Vega Mariscal says:

Could you 3d print boost material?

David Faridi says:

I don’t know why people are hating on these! This shoe is a great wardrobe addition for anyone who’s into techwear/streetgoth

Jordan O says:

They look cool

Steven Lawyer says:

they don’t look very comfortable, but I think they look pretty dope. I also prefer the grey midsole as you can wear them with just about anything.

expefreestyle says:


Axe Axe says:

Looks dope on feet

Justin says:

“This shoe is more accessible” aka no one wants it.

guk guk says:

great video as always!!
I have the raw (prototype?) sample version of the shoes where they left the 3D heel part untouched (unprinted) as a solid piece. they are hard as wood, good for squatting i guess.

thesnoopy937 says:

Honestly pretty cool reminds me of y3 aesthetic

Ross Frange says:

now this is TECHWEAR.

Chew Cock says:

like one problem I could see with 3D printed shoes is … the grooves in the sneaker could get debree and mud in it defeating the cushion . so do u think some companies might in case the printed sole rubber like yeezys?

JTown says:

Where did you get those jeans?

pkilla617 says:

them shits is ugly af

EuropeanBro says:

You’re blowing up fam. Been following since around 10k subs. Keep it up!

A. N. R. says:

Well done. Subbed.

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