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This product was provided by Runningwarehouse.com. All opinions are my own.


Vincent V says:

I work at a running specialty shop and we just started carrying this shoe and one other under armour shoe and My opinion is that the shoes are decent running shoes, the bandit definitely has its place – especially at the price point.
BUT personally I think there are better shoes for the same or around the same price.

In the end shoes are like cars – everybody makes the same thing. It just comes down to which one rides the best to you personally.

Sascha Robitzki says:

For me it feels like running in gym shoes. The UA’s marketing for the Bandit 2 and the actual shoe don’t fit together very well. Yeah, and the toe cap is on the harder side.

Abaddon Interitus says:

Tim & Eric broke this guy’s laptop.

Kelvin Wang says:

Hi. Would you care to do a review on Under Armour gemini 2?

utilizator333 says:

Adidas Ultra Boost, which you reviewed and which is considered as great running shoes, also has 10mm heel drop. Under Armor (10.3 ounces) weighs less compared to Adidas Ultra Boost (11,5 ounces).

Your overall evaluation: Adidas U.B. – 12/20 and Bandit 2 – 14/20

Jay Thomas says:

Does UA make any shoes w/o glued in insoles?

ian jimmy says:

I bought orange colour bandit 2, a great shoes btw..

JohnB says:

shoe looks great. shame about the 10mm drop as i’m looking for something lower.

i was wondering if you could recommend something? for roads, i’m currently running in kayano 22 but find them a tad heavy and dislike the squishy heel. want something a tad more responsive with a lower drop and weight but still has stability features (i’m a heavier runner at 85kg, 6’1″).

my trail runners are 8mm drop which i like. i’m looking at New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo (8mm) or Brooks Pure Cadence 5 (4mm). i see Saucony has some nice offerings but their trainers look awful.


Christopher Donovan says:

hey ginger runner currently im using the nike pegasus 31. I dont mind the shoe overall but im really struggling with shin splints right now. this leads me to believe i need a shoe with more cushion and/or support. any suggestions??

Ava Martinez says:

I’d love to see a review on UA’s speedform gemini

Jeff Robins says:

UA certainly has the $’s to make an amazing shoes, but they are to concerned about competing with Nike than tooting their own drum. If they would just be original perhaps they will offer something we haven’t seen before and wish we had. I know it is not a trail shoe, but try it on hard packed dirt. The firmer mid-sole may surprize you on the dirt. Just an idea.

Wut Wut says:

Could you review some Asics’s products? I have the kayano 23 and love it but i’d like to see other models like dynaflyte and metarun.

Seth Hasty says:

Hey homie
Haven’t popped in for a review in a while. After half of my former colleagues at Mizuno are now in the footwear dept. at UA I needed to try this out.
I’m in love with this shoe. Fav shoe I’ve had since the Elixir 4-5 years ago.
I think it’s kinda funny you seem surprised about the quality of the shoe, as UA is built on making high performance gear for pro athletes.
Either way. Good stuff man

Bladeblade Kid says:

Hey canyon do a review of the Salomon Speedcross 4? Thanks!

Meet Alex says:

Hey Ethan, what is your favorite running shoe at the moment?

Brian Johnson says:

I can not say enough great things about the Under Armour Speedform series. the Apollo’s, the Gemini’s and the new slingshot/slingrides are all amazing for different reasons. the Gemini isnt similar to the bandit but I would say for someone looking for a long distance show with UA it’s more of a premium model all the way around.

Noel1512 says:

Should i buy the UA charged bandit 2 or the ultraboost 3.0? Im using it for multi-purpose

GonutsHFX says:

Review Supernova Glide Boost 8

KidSeargent96 says:

My school just got a contract with Under Armor and I’m super worried. I’m a distance runner in college and Under Armor is not a running company so regarding uniforms, spikes and trainers. Does anyone else have a school sponsorship with UA that can tell me about the gear?

The Bomber 21 says:

Bandit 1 was hard too, the Fortis is another story, great shoe.

Jamal Martin says:

ya I understand your feelings on the shoe ,I got the speed form Apollo vent for track last year ,and my feelings were pretty mixed as well it felt like no matter how far in the mid foot or toe area I struck I was still hitting the heel and it through me way off so I went back to the Nike free run flyknit. witch by the way are really good in my opinion for mid foot or toe striking and it dose not matter if it’s the 2013 or 14 there both the same minus a few variations in the upper pattern design otherwise they’re pretty much the same shoe . one thing I can say for any Under Armour shoes in their running line is there good for certain certain lifts in the gym and short training sessions but that’s just my opinion

Matt Ball says:

Get the Hoka Tracer dealt with GR

twiiistCH says:

Is this a sponsored review?

Nestor Vazquez says:

Can you review the Saucony Ride 9? It seems like the only shoe you’ve reviewed from Saucony is the Kinvara.

Benamikenan770 Kenan says:

good reveiw eitan!
try newton runnig they have new surprise…

Mecha Mecha says:

About to buy this shoe but changed my mind because of your review, bought some running shoes with your help and it never dissapoint me… thanks

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