Under Armour C1N Trainer | Detailed Look and Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review of the recently released C1N Trainer by Under Armour.

The UA C1N Trainer is available now at Eastbay: http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=je6NUbpObpQ&offerid=359403.10002063&type=3&subid=0

Thanks for watching!!!

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Christian Henry says:

Wow I legitimately thought before that these were lifestyle focused what can I say, #nightwingknows

juicy211989 says:

Dame Lillard Vibe

Nardo Madoff says:

I like the model I think I’m gonna wait for the black and gold ones though,

Alex Zuniga says:

whats that song with the girls singing at 1:10

Zaviar B says:

Nightwing is never going to tell us the name of the song during the B-roll, is he? 🙁 You can’t Shizam it or anything

Sneaker RC says:

I have CN first trainer. Really comfortable. These new ones are dope.

Slunqmusic says:

Jeez you can’t do a single sentence without a cut. Just learn your lines or the POINT of what you want to say. Or have an idea what you are saying so you don’t need to edit. It so SO jarring. Someone probably told you “it’s the cool youtube thing – edits and having music 10 times louder than your voice and cuts in evERY… sinGle… senteNCe”. Wrong – no tv or film is made like this – it is fucking annoying. It all amounts to amateur bollocks and one very short and SUPER annoying presentation that does you no favours – just makes you look completely inept.

king_ryan_james says:

Not a fan so far, but different color ways could change my mind

Jonathon Balok says:

Dope af!!!

Miguel Angel Rodriguez says:

There ok.

Jacob Butters says:

These and the curry 4s are fire, finally ua releasing shoes that look good.

faiz nordin says:

all white colourway would be really dope

Patrick Dunn says:

have to skip through the new intro every time because it is like 20 minutes long

Mikki S says:

Holy shit those are fugly

L Zimm. says:

Can you make a “Can the UA C1N Trainer” Basketball? Thanks great video btw.

Justin Howard says:

You are the best shoe reviewer on YouTube ,facts.

Jason Ji says:

under armour designers should be fired RIGHT NOW


something happened to your eye bro?

Anton Slizzardhands says:

UA stays making the ugliest shoes.


Donovan Sharp says:

Reminds me of the 2015 hyperdunks

Ethan Lopez says:

Ugliest shoe I’ve ever seen

Desmond Barksdale says:

Hey nightwing….. u think you could hoop in this shoe??? I have to wear UA shoes on my school basketball team and these look dope!

Jael Llabres says:

to me best looking shoe from UA

JBreeze99 says:

Reminds me of the Dame 3

Danimal The Animal says:

I really don’t like those Yeezy 350 type of lacing setups on performance models.

Jordany Rosario says:

Low key at first impression they look like the D Lillards.

Austin Telford says:

Training shoes are extremely over priced. I power lift and almost fell into the trap of training shoes but I practiced form and mobility and discovered I didn’t need them lol. I have tried adipowers, made no difference for me.

Isaac Victor Blanco says:

it looks like a basketball shoe … more like the lillards

Sean Murphy says:

Yo review the delly 1s from peak I am kinda interested to see how they go on court cheers mate

MrHoldbrook says:

Fuck the shoes..do a review on the shirt..

Rabarberellum 101 says:

If the shoe doesn’t give a normal amount of lockdown by the lacing system, can it still be called a performance shoe?

Battlefieldplays1388 says:

I wish the ankle cut was lower other than that they’re hella nice

Samoan Thunder says:

I want to see these in a Panthers color way.

Blas Barajas says:

Copy adidas

ll Cj1K ll says:

the insole is CAMo

Noah Goldowitz says:

FIT NOTE: I am a size 10 and since wearing my pair a ton I would have copped a 9.5. I’m a wide footer. Just me!

Cali Man says:

Nice shoe. I’m going to to cop.

AnimeFunnies-TV says:

they look ugly

Zaitoven ' says:

If only everyone did vedios like Night wing

LcJ The Kid says:

Yo these are starting to grow on me

jlcarterjr89 says:

Heads Up Guys if you are interested in the C1N Trainer Eastbay is doing 20% off $99 or more plus free shipping And its Tax Free season so you can grab these for $24 under retail!

Rabbi Mangaoang says:

yes..that soundtrack…I miss that

Jack Ke says:


Pernection says:

I dont like all red upper and outsole shoes. No contrast. Now, where is Tom Brady’s shoe?

Blair Zhou says:

Nightwing it’s my birthday and I would appreciate it if you replied to me. Keep up the great work! Been here since 93k

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