Under Armour Charged Legend TR Review

These shoes really could have been legendary; the Charged Legend TR get so many thing right but the soft drop in midsole makes them unusable for most lifts. I also wouldn’t recommend these for anyone with flat or even normal arches because how much support they have. If Under Armour came out with a more rigid midsole, they’d have a winner…until then these will probably fade out into obscurity.


bshagen says:

I over-pronate and use a different insole because of this in my Metcons 2s. Will this work equally well in these? Also, how is the rope grip? I am looking for Nano 6s too, but they are hard to come by these days in my country

redsprite81 says:


bad7boy9white says:

zajebiste skarpetki

Jay Schuster says:

Thank you! I requested this a little bit ago much appreciated


What about putting in your own sole insert or even not having one at all kind of like the Reebok CrossFit Compete?

Jay Schuster says:

If i were to also do running, and plyometrics and not just lifting would these be good shoes? For football we do a lot of jump rope, plyometrics (box jumps & speed ladders) pro agilty drills, and also push weighted sleds before we do lifting? I’ve never had a Nano, Metcon, or anything like that.

69indigoblue says:

Very interesting to judge a shoe mainly from the midsole/insole. From your closeup shots at the end of the video the shoe looks very soft and flexible altogehter what might be the real drawback for heavy lifting, because you have less support. On the other hand there are more and more athlets choosing the vibram five-finger shoes, which are supersoft anyway.
For me, as an average fitness studio guy, this looks like the perfect shoe. Light, comfy, breathable and good looking (the striped version).
Would choose the Nano 6.0 over this one because of its good reviews, but it is sold out unfortunately….

Dagnabbitz19 says:

Under Armor is mostly shit. There are not many products they make that I use anymore.

Konrad Okon says:

@As Many Reviews As Possible Would they be ok as a livestyle shoes? I just want something for the summer time when I do some light outdoor activities. I have narrow foot with high arches. This sounds like pretty comfortable shoe.

Rafaela Borgheti says:

I prefer under armour charged legend TR than Nike Metcon or Nano 6.0. Eventhough I realy do like Reebok nano 6. but not for running. UA chardeg for all I felt, its better option when thinking about running, jumping, climbing in a workout. More than that, Its ok for lifting, also.

Marco Navarro says:

Mmmmmmmm for me looks like an inov8 250 in the upper. thanks for the review

redsprite81 says:

What about the charged ultimate TR 2.0 ? can’t find the review 😀

treeba531 says:

Joel, where to pick up? Can’t find them

CGood311 says:

I bought this shoe last week and went back to the website to get another pair in a different color and it’s completely missing. On my order history it says sold out. That seems odd since it came multiple colors and I’ve never seen a UA shoe sell out this fast. Did they change the name?

dunkincoutes says:

Nice video, sizing?

Jay Telin says:

can i use it daily?..

Thomas Rush says:

take out the midsole and put in your metcon insoles. lol

Ben Martinez says:

Thanks man keep them coming


nice review, thanks! still good with my nike metcon 2.

Jaeger Goepfert says:

Can you do a review of the newer Rogue Dowin Weightlifting Shoe? They are a cheaper option

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