Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 Low – Performance Review

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Under Armour brings MicroG back in tandem with their Charged Foam cushioning and implements their ClutchFit technology on the entire upper, but Is this enough to bring the ClutchFit line back to one of the top on-court performers of the year? Find out with the Performance Review of the Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3, presented by WearTesters.com

Read the full performance review of the ClutchFit Drive 3

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Ocirrej Norram says:

can you do a review on jordan extra fly

Previl 01 says:

he’s is lying the traction is terrible on Dusty Court

FKP says:

I’ve been wearing Melo M9’s for the past 3 years and I LOVE them. They are have worn down though and beyond repair. My feet are more like 9.25 instead of a 9 or 9.5 and the Melo M9’s shoes fit extremely well on my feet and don’t slip like 9.5’s. Now I’m looking for a shoes with similar support and just as good or better performance (if that’s even possible!)
Any suggestions? Thanks!

Dino Chhoeung says:

What shoe would you recommend for me? I thrive on defense and being that defensive stopper is basically who i am as a ball player. I need a shoe that is light, with good ankle/heel support, and good traction so i can stop on a dime

Miguel Sanjuan says:

Need you rsuggestion which one is better the under armour clutch fit drive 3 or the Nike hypershift? I hope I get a feed back from you guys..thank you

eccentral3 says:

I would be cautious about using these shoes. They just hit Ross for $50. The traction is suspect. On a dusty court these don’t take long to turn into ice skates. On the same court, D. Rose 5-6, Kobe 9, hyperfuse 2014, Dame L.1, even the UA rocket has no slipping at anytime. I don’t wipe when on this court in any of the other shoes. I had to wipe in the cf3 and my hands were filthy. They attract dust and holds on to it.

Sky Dream says:

Good video 😀
My feet are a little wide. Do you think I must take a bigger size ? I have Curry 3 in 9.5.

Alex Ionesco says:

I’m a big fan of the first Clutchfit Drive Low and I am a huge fan of Under Armour. Do you think it is worth to upgrade to the 3s if I have the 1s or is it basically the same shoe?

Kale Wilson says:

if i got these they would be my trainers

Ekansh C says:

Awesome video. How do you get those titles in final cut that follow the shoe

Zornato says:

Ey Jarron, where do you get your music?

MilesTV says:

Man does anybody member the original clutchfit drive, man it was a beast!

Samuel Pardo says:

i love the gameplay footage

Bogdan Alexandru Mihalcea says:

How would you compare these to the clutchfit drive 1 ? i don’t have a footlocker / any under armour retailer near me (i live in romania). I was thinking about choosing between either the clutchfit3 or crazylightboost2016. what would you recommend ? i’m a 6’3″ combo guard a bit on the heavier side of body weight 🙂 and i need a shoe with good cushion and a+++ traction.

Darious Comfort says:

Durable for outdoor play?

Kevin Casoli says:

Hey bro ! witch one , between the clutchfit drive low 1, 2 or 3 works better ?
I’ve the one, curry 1 low (UNREAL FUCKING GOOD) , i’m lookin for a new one

The typical dude says:

Does the cushion on the UA Clutchfit drive 3 low offer decent impact protection?

Lin Gene says:

Do you think these are better than the clutchfit drive 1 low? I still like my cfd 1 low over these

Jake Zarate says:

Damn UA back at it again with the micro J s/o to 2k

Winston Ong says:

are these low tops any different from the highs?

Bookul a says:

I just finded it for 85€…Cop?

Ahmed ibn Hafiz Muhammed al-Attarwala says:

Hey bro, quick question:
I really like the Curry 3s the design and specs of it are really nice. Is under Armour Drive fit clutch 3 similar to them? I got a really good offer for them. Please let me know. Thanks.


what about the dirt

Alvin Bong says:

Traction: CF3 Low or Curry 2 Low?
Cushion: CF3 Low or Curry 2 Low?
Durability: CF3 Low or Curry 2 Low?
Overall: CF3 Low or Curry 2 Low?

Walter jr Sunio says:

What knee sleeves do u ball with in this video?

Vicmar Arquiza says:

if I pick the mid cut version, will there be a big difference in terms of support feature?

Bonn Andrei Viola says:

Is it good to play outdoors?

christian Zarraga says:

jharonmon is so damn underrated

Rodrigo Molina says:

I have a pair of Micro G Jukes and I wish the heel where a little more firm as micro g makes you feel like you sink into the foam as is to soft, I actually like how charge ed and micro g combo sounds

Alex Rk14 says:

Hey would you say you had to “break” the traction in? Cause I just got mine and the traction was horrible on slightly dusty court! Good review though and definitely agree that this cushion setup is one of the best out there!

Peter Osborn says:

Nice catch 3:05


Dam u be cooking ppl easy out here lol u need to start balling with kick genius

Beau Bleskin says:

Y the hell do i love watching you putting these guys on skates

hooshangmaster says:

that 2nd lay up was nice.

mrolliepoper says:

isn’t that what clutch fit is suppose to be? very soft feeling while idle, then they turn very supportive while playing. am I right or nah?


Welp, fuck defense.

James Krimzen says:

This model, although not winning any beauty prizes, is probably the most comfortable I own… and I own MANY

magpaka bobo says:

What socks are those?

Daryl Melon says:

song in this vid??

Nils W. says:

You should have way more subscribers

Mark says:

Yo man, just wanted to let you know that your editing and production quality are unparalleled for these types of performance review videos. I love how seamlessly the clips of you playing in the shoe you’re reviewing are woven into the footage of you talking about the shoe. You also go probably the most in-depth when compared to other popular shoe-reviewers, which says a lot because i know you actually put a lot of hours into each shoe and have a credible opinion. You are severely underrated and i hope your sub-count grows immensely this year, keep putting in work!

Aryan Tak says:

this, kobe mentality, or adidas d lillard 2
need a light and well cushioned shoe

Meet Patel says:

clutchfit drive 3 or hyperdunk 2016?

Sour Muffin says:

I just ordered clutch fit drive 3 and I needed to no how they are on the court that really helped thanks!###

Sneaker Hoops says:

Don’t sleep on ua

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