Under Armour Clutchfit Highlight 2 Performance Review!

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Sam Engelmeyer says:

Soldier 10 initial thoughts

LAsneakerHead says:

must say these are the ugliest shoes i have ever seen……..ill stick with my kobe 9 christmas….

Lucas Aaronson says:

I’ve been subscribed to you guys since you guys had like 2000 subs cool to see how fast you guys gained subs hope you keep gaining at this rate

Joe Bob says:

Ugly jumper

Will Hery says:

Guys can u review the ua clutchfit highlight 2 vs Kyrie 2

Dominic A. J. says:

this or crazylight 2016

Al Griffin says:

must have super ankle support

Supreme__xxLandon says:

The music gets me so hype.

LAsneakerHead says:

song plz? its dope

James Jevin says:

the haters of stephen curry

fourtraxlife says:

What is this song

Phuc Hoang Nguyen says:

true to size ? .___.

James Sowter says:

Had these for about a year now. They broke in pretty quickly. (I recommend a session outside to break in the grip) They hold up pretty well, fit pretty much true to size and once you get use to the collar half way up your calf they’re pretty decent.

Duke Holliday says:

From looking at the shoe I was thinking it was going to have the same traction as the curry 1 because of the of the midsole and outsole and the charge cushioning.

John Benedict Amparado says:

which has the highest collar? kobe 9 or this ?

Peepmysneaks says:

Ill stick to my kobe 9s lol

Chris Loy says:

hey that’s me! ha thanks for the shout out bros

Matt Clodfelter says:

What’s this song called?


I got one for my ankle protection…It does the job but my foot gets cooked after one hour play

Lawfin' bear says:

Anybody ever told you that you look like G-Eazy?

Nathan Do says:

What’s the music?

Supreme__xxLandon says:

Whats the name of the song?

Zach Arvin says:

the clutchfit highlight ones are the best

D Garica says:

how much do these weigh?

Vonor says:

You should do more videos at the court too

DHtechHD says:

intro song please? better yet any download link? :p

LBgamer 13 says:

stop swearing

Phuc Hoang Nguyen says:

true to size ? .___.

Pernection says:

I was doing push ups during that music!

Jude Rayford says:

can you do a top five bounciest shoes please

Patrick Michael says:

where do you bought those?

Jenny Castro says:

Song at the begining please

Oresti Vasili says:

Hey do a does it basketball on the nike roshe runs please! Aand CONGRATS on 40k guyss

i am you says:

i really like this shoe and i would really appreciate it if you give me a link on where to cop a pair thanks 🙂

EazyMoney Sincé says:

Mines just came in today and I like the shoe

Eldrick Amul says:

The camera man Is doing bad

Владимир Ленин says:

nightwing and the fat guy who reviews shoes vs solebrothers.

Noobapotumous Rex says:

I love those shoes!!

RUFFNECK 99 says:

I am planning on buying the shoe, but you guys said runs narrow.
Will going up .5 size help or not.

Juicey Jay says:

I’m buying those

Stephen Curry says:

Quick question: How long have you been balling for?

jay 4 says:

you should do a does it still basketball?

Kaden Sandberg says:

What is the name of the song in the beginning of the video?

CuteCoolCaleb// CalebCommunity says:

I already have UA Clutchfit Drive 1,2, & 3 with my own money and now I need that

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