Under Armour Curry 3 Performance Review!

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Rookie TryHard says:


RCDUDE731 says:

Because of your review, I’m might order them. Amazing review

Aldo Montoya says:

Is it weird I don’t play with mine I just use them as normal shoes

Tonhi Hong says:

curry 3 or hyperdunk 2016, please!!!!

Robert John Dela Rosa says:

Hi there! I know this video is like 5 months old but I really hope you guys can read this comment and probably reply if it’s not too much trouble.

I am a big SC fan and I own 7 pairs of SCs (a pair of SC1 high and low, 3 pairs of SC2, 1 pair of SC 2.5 and a pair of SC 3). You guys are definitely on-point when it comes to the fit of this shoe. For the earlier iterations of SCs, I have always gone to size 8.5. It leaves a small space at the front but I always use thick socks so that’s not a problem. The fit has always been great for me but when I got SC3 at size 8.5, something wasn’t right. I guess what I’m saying is if there is anyone out there who is collecting SCs I think it’s better to get a size that is half an inch smaller than your usual size.

John Mark says:

Is that made in China?


i shit you not every time someone came to my gym in these, they got rocked into an injury… DO NOT BUY THESES LMFAOOOOOOO

Tony Gutierrez says:

yo I have to get curry 2 Street one

Johnathon guti says:

I got those shoes

Keisha Lowe says:

Q: Do y’all ever do performance test

Daniel Kassa says:

Yo curry 3 make you jump higher

Izaiyah Rivers says:

I have those same shoes but the shoe strings are Yellow.

Girls YT says:

Hyperdunk 2016 vs Curry 3

Prem Saggar says:

Hi everyone, love the sole brothers! I have the Curry 2, 2.5, and the 3’s. I can not get the Curry 3 to squeak on clean courts but the 2 and 2.5 are super squeaky. I judge if I have to wipe by the squeakiness. Why don’t the curry 3’s squeak? Under Armor what’s going on? Also the 3 has a bit of heel slip. To me the 2 is the best but it hurts my knees after several days of playing due to low cushioning. Right now I’m a Curry 2 user. Thanks.

Marl Justin Toledo says:

hello, guys!!!! can I use ankle braces to curry 3 low???? answers??


curry 3 vs lillard 2’s pleasseeeeee pleassyyyy

Rain Man says:

Idk but fit for me was amazing

muhammad noval says:

What is the different between the replica one and the real one?

Argentina Tejeda says:

i got the currys 1s i got the currys 2s and u got the currys 3s

maat Wal says:

should I get curry 3 or dame 3

KayraTV says:

kyrie 3 or curry 3

Aldo Montoya says:

Is it weird I don’t play with them I only use them as normal shoes

Vic's Cousin says:

i dont know if its the fact i have size six or that i havent broken these in, my ankle hurts when i wore those, but im gonna give it a week or two because ive only had these for two days

Alvin Bong says:

Is the traction better than the 2s?

King Canada 2k says:

I made a review for the curry 3 and nice video sole brothers

Kenny30 says:

The meteo side is ana foam

Matthew Zoschg says:

plz sub to me I subbed to u

Mlg Bleach says:

So fucking ugly

Andi Sakti says:

is this shoe wide foot friendly?


I don’t like the black taxi colorway I like the fake taxi ones

JackTheOverseer says:

Just got these!

awesome kid says:

subscribe me guys and i will subscribe you too

Argentina Tejeda says:

like dat color blue

Jay Bucks says:

What colorway is the best? In your opinion.

Orchestius X says:

i am planning to buy ua tights. Are they long enough for me? I am 5’3. Will they fit me right? I am a little fat. Or shall I get The 3/4 ones? ans pls

Jabez Guevarra says:

nah curry 2 is still better in my opinion,curry 3s are so plain

Dylan XD says:

Is it me or they just hate curry cus ive been watching other reviews on curry and they’re opinion are pretty good at it and oh 3:49 he said ‘almost no impact protection’ ??? HAHAHAHAH WTF. Y’all sound biased!

Ashton Crowe says:

What is with there fucking intro

Brendan doe says:

Hey why did you guys delete all of your old videos. Like the Kobe 9 review

Tom H says:

Kyrie 3 vs Curry 3 please guys!

Blxzers says:

Curry should have at least went to Adidas.

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