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Theodora Khaleah McIntyre-Douglas says:

Im getting them the curry 4 in january thats when I get new shoes

Zoe Sh says:

8.5 outta 10 seems high for a cushion that’s more firm than Charged cushioning

Đức Vũ Minh says:

What about the durability issue? Some testers have problems where the forefoot knit has come off and the foam itself creased so fast. Tnx

Mylene sanpedro says:

is this limited or not

David Xu says:

The cushion of this is just Eva

Pernection says:

Micro fiber is synthetic leather

Mr64ish says:

Keep up the great work. You should do a video on your top 5 current shoes of 2017, since you basically tested all the shoes for 2017.

oh. says:

One of the first

Dan Rhoie Magcalas says:

how about outdoors?

Sasindu Gunasinghe says:

How will the traction handle the outdoors?

Yuth nin says:

is the curry 4 gonna be restocking on the 11/18 shipment ??

realNLG11 says:

I was wandering do they make you look taller

Arjay Roche says:

is it okay for ourdoor play ?

Bryan Lee says:

asians stick to tabke tennis u tiny eyed fuck

Jhaymark Florentino says:

I have that shoe to

Dan w says:

awesome content buddy, keep up the good work

sunghoon kim says:

Is this true to size?? Its really hard to choose size Im slightly wide footer.
Could you recommend curry4 size??

Mike Gug says:

There is no lack in impact protection, please stop giving wrong info everyone else who plays in these doesn’t feel what your talking about. Another thing it’s the closest thing to micro g you will get. Giving wrong info is not the way to go.

aLeX11272423 says:

My foot is a 9 but usually I get 10 for shoes cuz I like having a little extra room. Would u recommend getting a 9 1/2 instead of 10 for this particular shoe?

Rising Prestige says:


SneakerBoi says:

Richerkim check out my curry 4 review plz

Sushi says:

Should i get curry 4 or kd 9

Russel Curry says:

5:03 why am i laughing edit: 5:04

Alexia Is On Fire says:

I like your videos but UA using some shitty Payless foam doesn’t deserve an 8.5 out of 10 for cushion

Deen Benzon says:

I hate it when it gets dust under it it becomes slippery and not making sounds

Adam Roshak says:

is there any retailer have this white/black colorway, I really want these

Mr MR says:

They look so clean

Bryan Lee says:

bullshit this shoes sucks bulldick

Madden God says:

Even tho I hate curry I gotta admit his shoes is really damn good

Andy Lu says:

Do you own the Curry 2’s? How do they compare?

Kasai says:

Hey, how would you compare these to the Dame 4’s?

I’m looking for a narrow shoe with good internal padding so I can really crank the laces tight. I’ve tried the dame 4’s on in-store at a half-size down and they fit quite well and I was actually able to feel the smooth bounce cushioning as a light-weight guy by just walking around. The Curry 4’s just released in Canada today and I’m a little conflicted as to which I should get.

IanPrime says:

Will the outsole last long for outdoor use?

Urban2Cream says:

what if you grow in the bigger size…..

Dillpickle8866 says:

Why is it so hard to get on

newfnshow031 says:

Bottom is already starting to yellow wow

Til don says:

do think a small forward could wear these and for the coushing can i switch the soles

Raphael Guinto says:

Pick up your energy man.

Alvin Bong says:


Kevin Mungunshagai says:

What do you wipe with

Sky Dream says:

They are ok for wide feet please ?

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