Under Armour Curry 4 – Performance Review

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Whats up guys! Today, we’re going to be doing a detailed review on Stephen Curry’s fourth signature model, the Under Armour Curry 4. I was able to get my hands on the black and white colorway and I’m extremely excited to have them! I also had a chance to play in the for a few days so I’ll be giving you guys my thoughts on them performance wise with a performance review preview!

If you have any more questions on the Curry 4 let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to leave a like!

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The A.D.C says:

He never said anything about support

Jurassic Guy10 says:

You are the most entertaining utuber for me thank u

Darren Djaya says:

seriuosly it takes me forever to put this shoes on

Tommy Wong says:

Hey @Jahronmon +Jahronmon how is the glue holding up (the seams connecting the synthetic and the knit).

My pair looks like a bit of glue is showing (revisiting your m your review again. I see some white edges (looks like glue coming off, or ripping off)

How is your pair after the review? any seams burst? (my white pair did on the medial side). under armour should have used more synthetic on the medial side up to at least the shoelaces) gives more structure, and avoids high stress areas being put on the seams (which seems to be just glued on, instead of fused or seammed together)

Yamen Faraghaly says:

What do you use to wipe

Gabriel Valdez says:

I just got them today

Kha Tieu says:

Curry 4 vs kyrie 3. Which is better for PG

lazy Fingers says:

those things are ugly af

Roman Empire says:

I’ll use the 3zeros for pe and these will be my casuals

Michel Navarro says:

They looked cheap on the shelf but i guess you cant judge a book by its cover?

Ark Uy says:

I want it!!!

Stephen Paul Kahanap says:

How’s the performance now after it broke?

Z X says:

Curry doesn’t want cushioning because it makes you quicker and explosive with foot movements. Him and pretty much every NBA has massages every single day anyway so they rarely worry about muscle soreness.

kit ho says:

Curry 4 or curry 2 if I buy ?

Luis Sevilla says:

Any shoes for explosive, fast, shifty point guards?

silvershell4 says:

No weartesters write up?

Mighty eagle Benitez says:

I have the curry 4s and the paint has never chipped off I’ve had it for 3 weeks

Cmo 2 says:


Zach Hreha says:

Work fine for me I think more comfortable than harden ls

ball up wolf says:

Can you focuse a little bit more on the traction difference between the translucent and solid outsole and different material because one has a sued material

Michael White says:

I have no problems with my pair they recalled it because of the midsole and tie box

Random Games says:


LesterGamingHD says:

I just bought the blue curry 4’s this is what I see.. Chipping, Dust, etc. ;-; I just went to footlocker in west Edmonton mall to buy them… ;(

Hobe Lin says:

nah,that paint… i go kyries 4

Anthony Mata says:

how many times do u think he had to redo the intro till he actually made it?

Gamester says:

Curry 4, kobe a.d 12,kyrie 3 bruce lee’s or hyperdunk low 2017? For a point guard…thanks

ed says:

jahronmon lowkey looks like kuzma no)

Aaboss says:

Best performance ever

Elite Gaming says:

Curry made them for his self not for yuour ugly ass

Henry says:

Any updates on whether the cushion got better?

K SrJames says:

awful review

Tundra 235 says:

You know all these niggas just hate curry and his shoes because he’s a dominant player

hello darkness says:

i have shitty socks so when i played in them i had massive blister on my foot. hopefully i can get some better fitting socks so i can see how they actually feel

Alejandro Zamora says:

I got curry 2 days ago more range or Christmas

Rick Grimes says:

I’m a warrior fan but these are trash shoes, hella overrated how the hell do u get into them like wtf

Reocando ___ says:

after u jump does ur feet hurt when u land?

Qwerty says:

What should i get lows or highs curry 4s??

Thierry Nakaberil says:

Well it looks cool if u wear it in Mall

Filipinoballer Jabez says:

This isn’t the shoe for you sir.

maaly8111 says:

I’m good. Just saw Curry turn his ankle stopping on a cut/sprint. Out like 2 weeks. I’m good.

Tundra 235 says:

Plus all these guy lying I ordered 5 pairs and none had tinted blue sc logo and it was actually very comfortable. This guy just got a terrible pair

Anntoia Brown-Solomon says:

go to I offer for a cheaper price like 50 bucks to 65

Michael White says:


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