Under Armour Curry 6 Performance Review

Hey Guys! Happy New Year!!! Here is our detailed performance review on the Under Armour Curry 6.

More Performance Info: https://weartesters.com/under-armour-curry-6-performance-review

Thanks for watching!!!


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ArJuN KuMaR says:

How long till it Deteriorates?

Zuming Zhang says:

Um how about durability

LeeP2 says:

Not going to lie you kinda shook me when you said Chris instead of Nightwing2303 in your intro. But regardless dope video as always. These look so fun to play in and I might have to cop them (in the right colorway). Happy 2019 my guy!

Jose P says:

Great review

DarkPa1adin says:

Is it suitable for a light weight center?

ajdcustoms says:

Hey Chris, any update on the performance review for the WOW7? Really curious how they perform before I use a pair for ball and potentially ruin them lol. Thanks in advance!

Thomas Lee says:

shit use a tennis shoe for basketball? i use my jordan why.nots for tennis!

Dave Lee says:

Also tennis courts have standards for non marking outsoles that are stricter than for b-ball shoes. You’ll get kicked out of proper outdoor courts if you try to play with b-ball shoes.

agofficial1 says:

This or Kyrie 5?

Ridwan Rasheed says:

Were you wearing Strideline socks?

DHumphrey_AMP says:

Hey Chris, Damon here. When you mention about “cushioning” you never explain anymore after that, I feel the shoe that you mentioned that didn’t have cushion, I find the set up was fine for me. I actually played in all these models, except a couple. I have a problem with the lower part of my leg getting sore and I figured out rolling the shin before and after and probably in between games, that stopped the pain I was experiencing. I don’t think it is 100 percent the cushioning for me or not. I do swap out insoles depending on shoe, but if I use the stock insole, I am not having the tightening up issues on my shin, I was having initially.

bball131523 says:

tennis shoes and basketball shoes are in same motion but the wearing and playing court is much different with each other for them

Jose Pablo says:

How would you compare the HOVR cushion on the Curry 6’s to the Dame 4’s Bounce? Are they quite similar in feel or different? Which would you prefer? Much appreciated

Scarlet Serve says:

Happy New Year, Nightwing and family. The Curry 6 might be my first UA pair, but I might wait for your Kobe 4 Protro review in Feb before I make a decision.

Ley Tse says:

Who’s Chris?

Francis Vincent Ong says:

Better than Kobe protro one?

Conor F says:

Talk about “new year, new me” this guy just changed his whole identity

SuperAmazingAnt says:

Good review, those clips that are shot outside are very good.

Austin De Guzman says:

Hey nightwing can i get a heart

Ohh wait

Charles T. says:

Definitely on point about tennis playing shoes… they are better for basketball then a lot of basketball shoes and way more durable…

Solome Ghebremariam says:

Should wide footers go true to size

Healthy Trollmeister says:

“Hey, Whats good guys, this is chris….” fuk shookt

Adam Roshak says:

these are ugly af

Sebastian Quek says:


CaptZepplin says:

less tennis shoes, smaller market

Charles T. says:

How does the cushion compare to the harden 3? Softer or harder?

kenneth says:

It’s kinda weird not hearing the “nighwing2303” thing in the intro.


Great review!

arnold magbual says:

It looks like the og hyperfuse @nightwing2303

gamer dude says:


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