Under Armour Fireshot Performance Review!

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MIDA Master- Weekly Destiny says:

4 away from 20000

Kevin says:

Good job on 20K subscribers.
I think the insole is MicroG and the actual cushion for the Fireshot is just EVA.

Matt Causon says:

Which traction is worst kobe 11 or fireshot

Pornograph says:

thanks a lot man

frederico maatouk says:

I had it and it’s my first u a and it’s a great shoe

shawn tam says:

the traction really good in indoor clean court, Dusty court sucks
The cushion…..wow! welcome to cushion Heaven!

Josh Baylin says:

Could you guys do a sleeper video on the hyperquickness 3

dontex7 says:

why does under armour have to make there ugly ass logo so big and ruin every shoe’s design?

Charles Lee says:

I think Don is right, why get this when the curry 2 is out

Emd Na says:

Under armour made one of their best looking ball shoes and doesn’t perform well. What’s next under armour? A fucking van that performs well? And vice versa?

Tselmeg Chinuukhei says:

Havenr heared this song for so long. Last time I heard It was like the first few videos of yalls channel.

Barış Akyüz says:

brothers what you think about fireshot vs lillard 2? which one i would choose?

macdre81386 says:

hey like your music choices.. check out the group Turbo Suit on soundcloud, you may like them

John Huang says:

I see a fire shot low at Ross for 40 bucks, is it worth? I need some lows

Pornograph says:

Hey man .I was waiting for this review.
One question though.Im 37 years old and i need a shoe with cushion that protects my knees because they are in pain if i wear low to the ground shoes.
My hyperrevs 2015 give me pain ,but my kd 7s are perfect.
Would you recommend these or the d lillard 2 for me?
Are the lillards forefoot low to the ground or they have good impact protection on the forefoot?

Boost4Life says:

These are beyond redundant seeing as they cost 120$ (Curry 2’s are 130$)

taste slaps says:

Bros. Shoe companies encase their rubberized foam inside a CARRIER Foam.
The stuff you touch on the outside of the midsole is not lunar or micro g, but usually just Eva.
Same thing with bounce. It’s too rubberized and high rebound to be stable as an entire midsole, that’s why it’s placed in a carrier for stability.
Hope this helps with your reviews going forward. I enjoy them

Mathew Garduno says:

For some reason underarmours attract so much dust

Ca vs says:

UA should just stick with the herringbone traction, because UA Clutchfit and Curry 1 have a very good tractionn which utilizes herringbone.By the way, nice video guys 🙂

Angelo Patawaran Regala says:

Another Great Videos

Cristofer Alfaro says:

high top

Ifw_2k16 says:

Anytime I’m boutta buy a shoe I gotta see what the sole brothers say about it

haro wilson says:

How does UA ranked their non signature shoes? There are torch, fireshot, drive and etc…

DameDolla Yu says:

woohoo 20k congrats guys

Melvin Jefferson says:

Love the stats at the end of the video, great job guys

Cristofer Alfaro says:

they should do a kobe 10 elite review

Boardman Productions says:

Do does it basketball AirForce 2 fly knit

Christian Mayer says:


Rathanak says:

Don, where’d you get that shirt? It’s looks like it’s from Southeast Asia

FinKicks says:

congraz on 20 000 subs 😀

yuncon tu says:

now i’m curious. do u guys have a top 10 worst shoes?

Oscar Santana says:

Damn, that’s disappointing. Really liked how they looked in the press photos. Surprised that they priced it so close to the Curry 2.

Samuel Podmoroff says:

I really like them cause I’m low budget, if you respond can you tell me what other cheap shoes I could get please

DJ Onit says:

Are they worth it? if it cost 80 bucks?

Kamil Ponikowski says:

Don the anchor of comedy !

uncle drew says:

This shoe is a SSSSSLEEPURR (Donald duck). donkey traction, standard cushion, basic materials and fit. ugly ascetics and 15 moni less than the curry 2

Elliott Jeffery 11 says:

better traction? D rose 773 4 or d lillard 2?

Keef 24 says:

Are you guys going to do any videos for sub milestones?

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