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The Under Armour Horizon series are some responsive, extra stiff trail shoes with lots of grip, protection and durability. I certainly had a problem with this shoe’s comfort on longer runs, but shorter runs over more technical terrain worked out ok. Interesting shoe, what do YOU think? Lemme know in the comments below!

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This product was provided by Under Armour. All opinions are my own.


Ado Bado says:

Ethan! Another solid review.
Where is that Kinvara 8 review? Also would like to hear your take on the skechers gorun 5.
Keep it hot and heavy!

ichooselife00 says:

Got my head wraps in the mail a couple days ago, love them!!

Sean S says:

Yes a 2 score and the reason for a 2. If it doesn’t feel good out of the box it is going to feel really bad at mile 20. I have a narrow foot so it may work, but… it may not.

Kennedy9614 says:

Not much on the looks… doesn’t look like your typical UA shoe. Looks more like Vans or some kind of walking shoe.

José Luis Oliveira says:

On bikes, at least in french, VTT is veló tout terrain, as for bike for all terrains. Ride tout terrain? Who really cares?!! Good review dude!

Scott Jarratt says:

Things you didn’t comment on:

– How do they edge? The lugs go mostly sideways, so provide longitudinal grip, but don’t look to have much lateral grip for running on side slopes or edging on steep descents.

– Kinda high heal-to-toe, so my guess is that on prolonged steep descents, they throw you forward and make correct footwork difficult?

– Sounds like the rubber is kinda hard, so they won’t grip to very steep terrain, will slip on steep rocks, and are therefore not suited for really steep and technical terrain? My experience is that only shoes with climbing rubber on the sole provide sufficiently sure footing for running steep rocks.

– When aggressively edging, are the shoes inclined to roll on the foot? So many ‘trail running’ shoes fail at this, yet reviewers never comment on it. Apparently, the reviewers are running on dirt roads and not seeking out challenging trails to provide a complete evaluation.

– Ok, they’re heavy and hot, so not really for SoCal. Given the urethane on the uppers, then you’d think they’re better suited for fell running. So, how do they compare to true fell running shoes such as so many Inov-8 shoes?

– Time! What did these shoes do to your times? Some shoes are good for PB’s, and some for PW’s. My guess, is that these leaned towards PW’s.

– On steep descents, did you stub your toes in the toe box? A lot of supposed ‘trail running’ shoes have insufficient upper support to prevent to foot from sliding forward on steep descents. Better you tell us about it that have us waste our money by finding out afterwards.


Given what you said, these sound to be best for the office and school for people who like to imagine they are trail runners.


Use the following to define what kind of terrain a trail running a shoe is capable of:

Green Diamond:
Basically a road without pavement. No more obstacles than you would find on a road. Some gravel, an occasional pothole, an occasional rock. Suitable for running while pushing your child in a stroller. Pretty much any running shoe will do. Rugged shoes with lots of off-road traction will have high rolling resistance and be slower.

Green/Blue Diamond:
Some potholes appearing, erosion ruts, some rocks, terrain starting to have variations in slope, occasional tripping, ankle rolling and toe stubbing opportunities. Having to change stride length to ‘change gears’ for terrain slope. Can be driven on with most cars; low ground clearance vehicles may scrape undercarriage or get stuck. Some minimalist shoes not suitable for this terrain because rocks will press through the sole to injure the foot; some shoes will pick up ‘hitchhiker’ rocks between groves in sole; otherwise, most running shoes will work in this terrain.

Blue Diamond:
Steeper, and with more obstacles than blue/green; frequently care must be taken in foot placement; if a road, high clearance vehicles required, sometimes 4WD required; the meat-and-potatoes of mountain bike terrain. Probably the most fun terrain to run on since it is technically challenging but fast paces are still possible. If you fall, you won’t go far. Running shoes with high heals will start to have trouble with the descents, shoes with high stack heights will start to have trouble with side slope ankle roll.

Blue/Black Diamond:
Nearing the limits of being ridden by a mountain bike; 4WD vehicles are using the lowest gears; frequent, but not constant hazards that require precise foot placement and proper technique to quickly travers the terrain on foot. Occasional ledges that require jumping or hands to traverse. Injury more likely if you fall, and the terrain will likely complicate the injury. Some shoes that excelled in lesser terrain no longer work to the runner’s advantage because they cannot hold a side edge on steep slope. Shoes geared towards mountain running feel better to run in than other shoes.

Black Diamond:
Steep treacherous terrain where risk of slipping is constant, injury is likely if mistakes are made, and you may travel some distance if you fall. If driven, 4WD vehicles with off-road tires and at least one locking differential are required. Not uncommon to find vehicle parts from failed off-roading attempts. Most people will employ hiking boots and take it slow. If your shoes don’t feel locked in on your feet and locked in on the terrain, go find some better shoes.

Double Black Diamond:
Blazing your own trail across steep fields of large and loose rocks on the side of a mountain or coastal cliff; running on seawall riprap; running on slick river rocks; one mistake, and the very least you’ll do to yourself if sprain an ankle; falling 20’ off the side of a mountain and cracking your skull is a possibility. Why do you do it: because you’re lithe, agile and you can. Some days you might even wear flip-flops just for grins – because you can. Basically, you’re a human mountain goat – if not, you’ll just hurt yourself so don’t try.

Mark Fleming says:

good video, i feel like it deserves more views, check out u2bzone(dot)C O M

Andy Rhine says:

RTT Rather tough trail?
STT Sorta tough trail?

ShellPie says:

Phew, just under 190 pounds? How tall are you?
I guess my muscle training is lacking… 192cm w 73kg here

Casper Gyde says:

No comment on the Nike #Breaking2 ?
I had my hopes tho

Bruce Parker says:

So far, what is your favourite trail running shoe?

Mike H. says:

Maybe a good fast hiking shoe…for me.

MontalbanJR says:

@TheGingerRunner Please do an updated running short review.

Jessica C says:


Sam Argetsinger says:

Where the new balance minimus review

Joshua Ilnicki says:

Looks like a mid-cut basketball shoe with lugs. No thanks, not for me.

Aaron Mamitag-Quimson says:

can you try any Under Armour’s Micro G running shoes?

Kaven Raj Manoharan says:

Saucony Kinvara 8 review please dude! Been waiting for it

Kyle Lang says:

I’ve been trail running in La Sportiva Bushidos recently and have absolutely loved them so far. Have you considered the brand ever?

Also I’ve gotta say I love the videos, you’ve inspired me to start training for my first Ultra!

Enzo Corpuz says:

Ratata haha

lance culbreath says:

Snugly….my new favorite adjective

The Dodger says:

RTT – Really tough trainer

Jamjw 56 says:

Saucony xodus 6.0, have you tried Yet!

McMeatBag says:

I can’t believe they’re so heavy

Michael K says:

I just can’t bring myself to like UA gear. I don’t think i’ve seen a single thing from UA that didn’t look bad or suit my needs as an athlete. It’s not surprising that their business is doing bad lately. @TheGingerRunner. If you want another shoe to test that offers a lot of protection and isnt hot n heavy check out the Dynafit Alpine Pro. Been pretty happy with it so far as a runner from Squamish, BC.

Martin Runs Mtn Marathons says:

If you ignore the rugged out sole it kind of looks like the skate shoes I used to wear back in the end of the 90’s.

Jeffery McGilvary says:

STR = Standard Trail Runner
RTT = Really Technical Terrain
KTV = Karaoke Tay Vin

`Randy Cuffaro says:

RTT….Run The Trails..???? looks more like a day hiker rather than a running shoe…

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

I live in a very mountainous city and I like hiking and trekking a lot, all the trails that end in hidden beaches that I like to go to you have to pass through relatively difficult and dangerous trails that grip is very important because it’s the trails are o hills and very steep, and these shoes seem to be just perfect for that and what i’m looking for

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