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Forrest Gump reference video: https://youtu.be/ymiZFPauvlQ

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Christ's Crusader says:

Another amazing review. Your my go to guy for shoe reviews. Always super informative and entertaining to watch! I see more subscribers, keep up the good work Jamison!

Arctic Vette 1000hp 937ps 1312nm says:

They look like they stole the adidas sock on the current models

QQ says:

Not stupid. Not stupid at all.

Thanks, I enjoyed that. Very well done.

On the other hand, on the review itself, please concentrate more on the cushioning. Including some specs, such as drop, heel midsole and forefoot heights, etc. And, not just whether or not there was “bounce” as was presumably claimed, but an overall assessment of the efficacy of the cushioning, at the forefoot and heel, separately. In terms of impact-protection, whether there is enough “travel in the suspension” without bottoming out with each impact.

But, overall, again, great job. Clearly put a lot of thought and effort into producing this video. Subbed.

John Joseph Rodriguez says:

Is that faceguard built into the jacket?

Thitsa says:


nice video!!

lunatrics says:

lol. awsomr intro. and for casual wear? would you recomend them?

Nates Dawg says:

I got the all red phantoms.I liked the energy return on these more than boost.Jamison what are your recommendations on better energy return shoes.

Romario Uy says:


Arctic Vette 1000hp 937ps 1312nm says:

This was by far one of the best vids ive ever seen on youtube.. Basically was a small movie..

friggingoose says:

That intro alone is worth a sub! Very nice!

Rene Amador says:

They keep getting better and better! Awesome work!!! #MaryBethOrNah

Youngblood68 says:

I am really in two minds here and dont know what to get thses or the new nikes Epic React Flyknit , I am a powerwalkiker with some running , please help me make that choice , thanks and love your reviews funny as F… haha

cristianfcao says:

What does Marsellus Wallace look like?

You HAVE to do it!

mikes1929 says:

I got a shout-out! Nice!!! Great video.

Aditya Kabu says:

Loved your video . Can you do Asics gel quantum 360?

Peter Garcia says:

Best intro ever lol

Simon Ohlsen says:

Ice tray young nibba flooded (ice ice ice ice)
If a nibba hatin call em joe budden
Coupe outside and its press button
Got a nibba mad cause your bitch fucking

Pensive Ruin says:

Where did you get that color? Its sold out on UA and FootLocker and Finishline dont have them. @Jamison Micheal

TheMoifel says:

I wouldn’t buy the shoe as I like lighter shoes with more bounce. Great intro though! Hilarious!

Jeff Peterson says:

Hey, watch this video. I added an insert to the shoe from the sonic, and wow. I think it’s more comfortable than an ultraboost. https://youtu.be/6HlyFZIHZYw

Matthew Mah says:

Can you try out the sketchers go run ride 7? I’d love to hear your opinion. #MaryBethOrNah

Horse says:

I love the intros man don’t ever stop with those!

Ashton Howard says:

Intro was hilarious

d shlds says:

…very informative review video.. thanks

Jaisheel Mistry says:

I love the Gump take but wished if you saved it for a shoe you would feel comfortable running all day in

Zackery Basinski says:

Do you think there would be enough room in these for a pair of the thinner superfeet insoles?

Jms Flora says:

Fun video! Awesome review. Do you feel there is enough cushion in the forefoot?

Moises Vasquez says:


Chase Denton says:

That sweatshirt is flat out…awesome! I’m going out tomorrow and buying one. As for the shoe, I like the way the shoe looks, it’s futuristic and the color is nice. To your point, the shoe looks clunky, and bottom heavy…and I personally don’t like collars…that disqualifies them for me to run in them. but maybe as a gym shoe or causal shoe. Btw, love the intro!

Corey Moore says:

Stupid is, stupid does. Subscribed haha

Mohammad Alqahtani says:

you did perfect the forrest gump posture when you started running with the khakis hahahaha thanks I was considering to buy the shoe but I think I might stick with what I have

Pernection says:

The molded upper is the Speedform 2.0. I do some special customization with my runners that can make almost any runner shoe more comfortable

Carson Krupp says:

That sweatshirt is sweet!

Brian Johnson says:

Haha dope video. Hope you do more UA videos on this channel. Thanks.

Antonio Galea says:

what is that hoodie called?

Gilberto Flores says:

That intro had me dying.

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