Under Armour Project Rock Delta Shoe Review (Highlight Delta)

Get your Rock Delta’s here: http://bit.ly/2jd5AT6

WRITTEN REVIEW: https://asmanyreviewsaspossible.com/2017/04/17/under-armour-delta-highlight-project-rock-shoe-review/


Vincent Mercado says:

Hey there! Do you know what is the best and different weightlifting straps for CrossFitters? Thanks! Would very much appreciate it!!

James Andrew says:

Could you consider this shoe as an all rounder for the gym? Is it suitable for a guy that will definitely run in the gym and also do few weight lifting?

Pernection says:

they sold put though

Connor Urbon says:

What do I win for being the first comment?

Franco Recouso says:

Please perform a review of the Under Armor 3D Architech!! http://www.businessinsider.com/under-armour-3d-prints-its-new-architech-shoes-2016-6

David Sung says:

honest question….. how long do you actually spend per shoe until you give a review? I have about 5 shoes and I know how hard it is to transition from one shoe to the next…on top of that multiple sessions where you’re hitting 90% and is the way you’ll really know.

Hale Rocky says:

would you sell me yours

David Rigden says:

In your opinion, what is the best wl shoe for a narrow foot?

Hali Huang says:

is this a better workout shoe or the hustle harts, disregarding price

Brian Bravo says:

Rock v Stone Cold has to be the most epic wrestling rivalry in history. love the rock love the stone cold stunner.

aficionado says:

steroid freak bro shoes.

Aaron Walker says:

have you been coached in Olympic weightlifting

Elias Papageorgiou says:

good for crossfit?

KontrolEnthusiast says:

I can smell, what you’re cookin’!!!

Christian Pinal says:

Taking as reference the nanos, how are the sizing is in the delta shoes, I mean I’m 10.5 in nanos, should I stay in the same size?

Vincent Yen says:

Is UA highlight Delta a good running shoe? Never see people wear this for running.

BlaccJaccBassist says:

Crossfit is “functional fitness”? You lost me there lmao

Ben Martinez says:

Why would the rock ever have a shoe that is basically a running shoe…? Look at that mother fucker he’s like 290 you think he ever runs

TheStroBro says:

Highlight Delta’s really aren’t a running shoe…they’re both more of a basketball like shoe. Crossfit isn’t functional fitness. They weren’t designed as an Oly Shoe.

Alberto Gonzalez says:

I don’t do any cross fit but just bought the new ones released today i guess we’ll see if there’s any difference from the first ones. Good review though and the end was super funny lol

withoutmyheart says:

That People’s Elbow at the end was the perfect way to conclude the video. Awesome review!

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