Under Armour Speed Swift 2 Review – Running + Training Shoes (Under Armor UA)

UA Speed Swift 2 Normal Shoes: http://amzn.to/2fIYm4D
UA Speed Swift 2 2E Wide Shoes: http://amzn.to/2xqqWzb

My review of the new Under Armour Speed Swift 2 running + training shoe. I decided to do a review of this shoe because there were NO REVIEWS ON YOUTUBE of it and the shoe is fantastic. It’s a great value at $75 and has a lot of sizing options. This shoe has extra wide 2E sizing available all the way up to a size 15. I absolutely love the look and comfort of this shoe and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Under Armour from now on.

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Ðieselbeast says:

i dont take shoe advice from a anorexic virgin jew shrek homo mf

Cole Bennett says:

What keyboard is that?

V120 says:


Mikkel Larsen says:

Cant support anything affiliated with Stephen Lurry, that excludes Under Armour for me.

snixxable says:

Zybak lovin this video. Yea its about shoes but you can pretty much talk about anything. Good job bro! Thanks for the variety

Kyosuke700 says:




Original Hotdog says:

You gunna cop Destiny 2 on PC?

VortalexTheDruid says:

I kinda miss Fatbak

Seb Khan says:

yo man you’re looking well, remember in the old zybac days when you represented the average hardcore raider. Nice job pal

MrTheoneandonly says:

lul krusty krab pizza

Amr Tawakol says:

surprisinglyy i thoroughly enjoyed the video lmao

RJStrange says:

Man, Crowfall, Crypto currencies and now running shoes? What don’t you cover on your channel? I was wondering if it was okay to do a variety of content on your channel, but you’ve shown me that it is possible.

firerode says:

grow your hair??? curlybak!!!!

PWN says:

Bring back the weekly podcast

Jamie Robert says:

Is this channel a bodybuilding channel or a gaming channel I’m confused lol

Jums says:

Why is the same guy that told me I would get beheaded by isis if I don’t give him money giving me shoe advice?

ZybakTV says:

UA Speed Swift 2 Normal Shoes: http://amzn.to/2fIYm4D
UA Speed Swift 2 2E Wide Shoes: http://amzn.to/2xqqWzb

You bastards better enjoy the outro…It took me 2+ hours to render that shit!

Tim Slaymaker says:

damn bro looking cut as fuck well played!

dixiekongfan1 says:

Disliked the video because you have a Horde poster. Die you filthy orc lover

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