Under Armour Speedform Apollo REVIEW


Review of the Under Armour Speedform Apollo running shoes. They are the successor to the Speedform RCs and are a really great semi-minimalist running shoe. These are among the best gym shoes on the market.

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Ronan D says:

What are the best shoes for a Marathon?

Connor Iwanicki says:

Is this comparable to nike’s free runs?

Jons Miscellaneous says:

Hey rizknows can you do a review on the under armour micro g assert v? I just recently got them but I don’t know if i should get a half size bigger or stick with them and break in them.

Huehuehuehuehu420 says:

are training shoes good for running?

Aj Smith says:

I’m looking for a running shoe for Air Force basic training. I also have shin splints would this be a good shoe for me? I’m open to any suggestions.

Carlos Claure says:

Please do a review of The speedform apollo graphic black orange, i Want to see if they are good for The gym and durability, thanks good reviews


This message is to AJ Smith. If you have shin splints and are likely going to be running a lot, as I would assume is the case in Air Force basic training (btw, thank you for your service), I’d probably opt for more traditional running shoes from a specialty running company such as Mizuno, Saucony, Newton, etc. (or the Adidas Energy Boost 2, which I use and haven’t had any shin splints while wearing). The Apollo’s are great shoes, but the sole might not be absorbent/cushiony enough for someone that has issues with shin splints. 
Hope that helps!

Michael K says:

are these ok for training say 3 miles Max a day

P Hawj says:

Heyyy go USMNT! You have a look of Chris Wondolowski haha. Anyone ever told you that? Cool review and this shoe does look like an enticing option for sprinter 🙂

alio29nov says:

whats the difference between the Apollo’s and the Apollo Vent?

fabio taira says:

Congratulations for the videos and the chanel!!
I would like to know if those shoes should be used to crossfit. Can you help me?
I saw that you pratice crossfit to, and that you make somes videos about it too. But I am from Brazil and Reebok nano (4 or 5) and nike metcon were very expensive over here.
If this under armor speedform apollo ou speedform xc were a good choice for crossfit, will be a great solution for me.
Thank you!!

Collin Williams says:

if their not good for long distance, what is the max distance you would go in them?

Adrian Delgado says:

Would the soles compress if I weight lift with these shoes?

Saul Boogie says:

do you think i should get a half size down on these for a better fit seeing as they’re minimalist? Thanks.

Елена Кукушкина says:

I ran a half marathon in them, i also ran wearing them on the hills, after it i started to feel a pain in my left knee, i do not want to blame Apollo but perhaps they are not good for running on the rough surface, i agree that for long distance it is better to wear running shoes with more serious support, Apollo are very light and soft and nice for running in the gym, for jumpimg, for example, or for distance no longer 5 miles, i actually ordered Gemini 2.1, hope they are more suitable for long distance running.

lsny Madam says:

u have a branch here kuwait

Jestyn Roberts says:

I went on a 13.2 mile run in these and felt pretty good but I have been using these and Nike free runs for a few months so my feet are kind of used to the semi minimalist shoe category

Diego Lopez says:

Dude congrats! Great review!
I would appreciate if you can answer some questions..
Do you think that 99.99 is a fair price?

I run off track a lot, up hill, down hill and all that, do you think they are a good choice for me?

Have the Under amour earned their stripes on shoes jst like they have on clothing?

Which ones are better in ur opinion free runs or apollo?

T Zimmerman says:

I herd that they did not last that long. Is this true

Bryan Ho says:

+RizKnows can i wear the shoes without socks just like some Nike Free Flyknits that don’t require socks

MrLietotaajvaards says:

Can you run in these 42k marathons?

Yusuke FuryRoad says:

they look very fragile..easily torn apart

Rafael Emilio Peña Alvarado says:

You’re a good shoe reviewer, just two advices:

1. Talk about the sizing of the show, it’s real size? It runs small?
2. Compare with others in the same category.
That’s all! Good review!

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