Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 3 REVIEW!!

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Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 3 Review! These are the latest Under Armour shoes and I have been waiting patiently for them ever since the Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2. I must say I like them a lot but are they better than Nike running shoes, adidas running shoes or Brooks shoes? Well, you will just have to watch the video where I talk about the new and improved style, changes to the heel cup, improved breathability, and better fit and toe box. The UA Gemini3 are super comfortable, they have great bounceback with its Charged cushioning, the tongue is much better than other SpeedForm shoes, and solid tread for roadrunning. On the downside, I wish the heel was a little more supportive, the insoles are non-removable, the toebox is kind of big. Now you can get the Record Equipped version of the shoes as well. With Under Armour RecordEquipped, there is a chip inside the shoes which estimate your running metrics such as distance, split times, avg pace, etc. Also, this year the Record Equipped Gemini 3 added the “Jump Test” which measures air time of a sequence of jumps as an indicator of muscle fatigue so it help guide your recovery and provide guidance regarding intensity of a workout. All in all, these are great running shoes. I think you will most likely see the UA SpeedForm Gemini 3 on the list for Best Running Shoes 2017 / Best Running Shoes for Men. I will also be doing a Under Armour SpeedForm Europa Review and Under Armour SpeedForm Velociti Review so stay tuned.

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2 Review:

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peter cullen says:

Hello from Ireland. any more info on the garmin fenix 5 watches. Thanks

Brice MATHIEU says:

Hey Jef , , you are my master . i get the Charged bandit 2 and love them a lot . gonna do Paris marathon with them . looking for a new pair for after . can’t you change the inside sole for a medical one ? thanks for your reply dude and thanks for all the reviews .

Chris Steele says:

Riz, Gemini 3 vs Ultra Boost. We need that!

Infidel Gastro says:

I want to like them but I’ve never had much luck with previous Under Armor footwear in the past, they simply wear out too quickly as opposed to other brands, and the non changeable insole is a big deal breaker for me even if I was prepared to throw away $160 on a pair of running shoes, it’s just something I must have. Also I’m not a fan of of these shoes sombre, monochromatic looks but that’s just personal taste. I may try Under Armor footwear again sometime in the future if they do something about their longevity and changeable insoles.

Eduardo Marrone says:

Thanks for the review, you have great reviews!!

Rocela Durazo Verdugo says:

Please review the nobulls #notificationsquad

Amit Grewal says:

Do u like the north face running shoes???

Luke Luc says:

Hey Riz, can you please review the new Under armor Europa RE and velociti RE because I only have one running shoe and its the under armor charged bandit 2. The charged bandit are run long so maybe the velociti because they are run fast, btw I really love under armor.

Dzul Haikal says:

Anyone able to advise whether these are better than the Bandit 2?

Jamal Martin says:

excuse me rizknows do you think you could do a review on the new Nike lunar skyelux shoes please

zelphs adventures says:

Sweet review! could you do a review on the under armour fat tire?

Björn Bergmann says:

hey a idea for a video were you show the best watchfaces for the fenix 3 or the garmin watches in generel because they are pretty much on the market 😀

Hawk Eye says:

What do you think about the Saucony Freedom ISO?

Clay Nolen says:

Your videos are awesome! Do you think you will review the mio slice? I’m interested in your opinion on the pai score and the HR accuracy.

Michelle Weiss says:

Love the look and features of this running shoe!!! Thanks Jeff!!!

Jay Grainger says:

do a review for the Hoka One One Clifton 3s they are a life changing shoe!

Oluwafemi Ipero says:

How old is Rizknows?

Msaed alf says:

Hey Jeff would you get the bandit 2’s over these? 🙂

JT Cooper says:

They’re both so ugly

Jessie Rosales says:

I still have my Gemini 2s … but the Gemini 3s will be next purchase after some wear and tear of the 2s ! (Or even might purchase the 4s if I still am using the 2s) lol

Brian Mitchell says:

So glad I found this channel:) starting to run and these reviews help so much !

Sarah Drennan says:

How do you feel about the Gemini 3 vs Ghost 9? I’ve been in love with Brooks Ghost series for a while but I love Underarmour on principle hah How do you feel about the difference?

Hilario Perez says:

I just bought Brooks transcend 4 the best running shoes I ever bought but I really want to try the Gemini 3

Lennysunday says:

@rizknows are the Gemini 2.1 the model between the 2 and 3??

Christian Jaramillo says:

little advice if your receiving these shoes by mail. Then when you review show the unboxing part. Its a little detail and makes the video more enjoyable. take it or leave it but its just a suggestion. love the vids regardless

Ketut Deddy says:

Please make another under armour shoes review

Djones24 jones says:

I need a great light weight shoe with lots of padding I have flat feet.

mr.niceguy says:

hey… can you make a video on the reebok nanos 7?

Jesus Flores says:

do a review on the under armour speedform apollo 2

Michael Chan says:

This Under Armour shoe seems pretty good. Too bad about the CEO though.

Msaed alf says:

Hi Jeff just wanted to ask you if you think these are good for walking around casually. Oh and thanks for all the content very helpful appreciate it 🙂

Jordan Harris says:

Hi Riz. I have $100 and am looking for the best running shoe? I have used Speed form Apollo, Roshe, and Air Max. But they all give me back pain. Could you help me find one? I am 5′ 11” 200 pounds

greekspiro says:

Between the 3 new Under Armour running shoes, which do you prefer? The weight of the Velocity is making me think those might be the best ones for me. The Gemini 1and 2 both had big soles which on a treadmill, would make me raise my foot higher during runs.

Gonzalo Pardo says:

which are the BEST running shoes of 2017?

xj41002 says:

just bought the gemini 3’s for the price of the gemini 2’s. Feel really good!

thecollinzboy says:

When will your old intro come back?

Sarah HAIGH says:

Can you do a comparison video about adidas ultraboost vs 2017 pureboost?

Angela Leung says:

Hi Riz, could you review the On clouds?

galain says:

Love your channel and always look forward to your shoe reviews. This one has been on my horizon for awhile- thanks for reviewing it! Could you say a few words about how it stacks up against the Charged Bandit 2 which you also liked? I like a light, unstructured shoe with a very soft ride. Which of these two would be better? Thanks again.

Joshua Rivera says:

Would you use these for an Olympic Distance triathlon?

Nick I says:

Riz, how does the heel compare to the Gemini 1.0? I need a super soft heel counter due to haglunds.

matt willson says:

How do these compare to the bandit 2?

Patrick Wirball says:

yes thank you so much for doing these, you are the best

Jan Flis says:

Hi, I am ultra runner and I’m currently using Gemini 2. Do Gemini 3 have any more cushioning, are they softer then 2?

Matt Balok says:

You should review the new UA slingflex!

Abdulelah Mashat says:

Can you do another top 5 fitness trackers plz

Fatherof3 NVB says:

Thanks for the review, I am in the market for a new running shoe and these look spot on.  BTW, I just used for the first time , Audio Flood’s waterproof Ipod and Swimbuds for an endurance swim and they worked very well. Improved my times and motivation, thought it might be a product that you may want to review.

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