Under Armour Speedform Gemini REVIEW


Review of the Under Armour Speedform Gemini Running Shoes. These are UA’s first proper, long-distance running shoe. They feature a semi-minimalist design, with UA’s Charged Foam technology, a super comfortable interior, and a top-tier heel cup section. The Gemini’s are one of the best running shoes released in 2015 and some of the best I’ve ever tested out.

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mbelhanin says:

Are these for marathon or half marathon or just 5K distances?. Also, what is the lifespan for them before replacing them.

hyunwoo do says:

Do you think Gemini is worth of its price than Apollo ? Thank you for your all great reviews !!

Labdogdrum taekwondo says:

how are these for many miles? I run 5-10 miles a day?

Nicholas Ransom says:

+RizKnows what would you prefer for a two-three mile run these Under Armours or the Adidas Ultra Boost

Jeremy Huang says:

Would the gemini’s or apollo’s be better for a long jumper?

Mikael ernuson says:

are the women’s shoes different or is it just the color

Travis Kibel says:

I left one comment and I wanted to add some info. According to Under Armour this shoe has an 8mm drop/offset, however, I have seen conflicting info on this from other credible sources such as runners world who say it is a 15mm drop. I am not sure where the confusion comes in or what the actual drop is, but, it is a great shoe nonetheless.

Jerome Benj says:

Would you recommend this shoe to a heavier person?

Ken Phillips says:

Gemini or Ignite? If you could only run in one, which and why?

Jack Avery Burton says:

$130? Soled!

Amit Marcovich says:

Hey dude,
I just bought before couple days under armour ua micro g sting tr shoes.
You have experience with them maybe?

japneet singh says:

good for flat feet? i heard they were

cars3 videos and toys unboxing cool says:

I’m getting the speedform Apollo’s

Pam Devine says:

I can’t stop laughing and shaking my head…..’negative downside – “these shoes make my foot look fat” Lollllllll !!  I can be sure to tell you that was the opposite for me, keep my foot looking narrow! Love these shoes for all of the cushion, while being supportive, comfort, strike, and not propulsion per say, but guidance into a great step, stride ~ I LOVE these shoes! Looking for coupons and deals!

Linford Gaw says:

Hey would you recommend the Apollo or Gemini? I’m stuck in between these two ):

Irma Bernal says:

Pueden ponerlo en español

DavidRM18 says:

Are these good for general gym use too? I run but I also use the gym a lot for things like squats etc. Would the gemini’s feel good to do squats in too or are they mainly for running? Thanks

mirza aiman says:

You should make a review of the apollos

Abbas Hamdani says:

How`s this one for intervalls on threadmill ?

LEEDAQ says:

this guy never gives proper conclusion for the viewers like me, always neutral when it comes to which ones is worse and better. I like content of your channels but you got to have your damn solid conclusion whether it’s not the same with others.

Janet Cambareri says:

running 1st half in oct , one week of training long run was ten miles in hoka cliftons but i want to try gemini,s and go with a lower profile shoe is gemini, a good choice ?

Young Ster says:

Love your channel!! Earned a sub.

Socrates Brasilero says:

Have you reviewed the brooks launch 3? I feel like it’s an underratted shoe.

japneet singh says:

air zoom epgasus 32 or thes for runner with flat feet

T Mills says:

What is the fitness tracker you personally use? Is it the Garmin Vivo Fit?

Arnen Z. Masongsong says:

Is this a stability shoe?

Travis Kibel says:

UA should be applauded. This shoe is incredible! I was completely surprised with this shoe. The running market is the toughest market to crack. Serious runners tend to remain loyal to their brand and model. The fit was true for me. I agree with just about everything in the video, except the negatives mentioned. This shoe comes in at a very good price point. Consider the price of Asics Kayano’s and the Nimbus at between $150 and $160. The Adidas Ultra Boost is $180. I could list alot of running shoes that cost more than these that these can stand toe to toe with or are better than in many cases. I think the upper breathes very well and they do not make my foot look fat. My only concern is whether UA will take it’s running shoe development seriously, or become like Nike and put out a thousand mediocre shoes. Lastly, I have not logged a ton of miles on them yet so that is the only remaining question I have, how durable are they? Time will tell….if they are…this will be one of many pairs for me!

FireNinja292 says:

These should be on clearance rack I got mine for 69 dollars

robert bonifacio says:

which is better this speedform gemini or speedform apollo? thanks

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