Under Armour SpeedForm Velociti REVIEW!!

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Under Armour SpeedForm Velociti Review! We have already done an Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 3 Review (https://youtu.be/XvALjms3lDM?list=PLuARCRjO97L2aVUKDU8xXyna1iNF7k9J1) and the Under Armour SpeedForm Europa Review will be coming soon. These Under Armour running shoes have good lockdown, they are lightweight, breathable, flexible and have good tread for running. The SpeedForm Velociti running shoes are definitely better for shorter distances where speed is the aim. On the downside the UA Velociti’s are not very comfortable at first but then you start to get used to them. The insoles are also non-removable which is kind of a bummer. Now these Under Armour shoes do come in the both the regular version and Record-Equipped version. The Under Armour Record-Equipped running shoes have a chip inside the shoes which estimate your running metrics such as distance, split times, avg pace, etc. Also, this year the RecordEquipped running shoes added the “Jump Test” which measures air time of a sequence of jumps as an indicator of muscle fatigue so it help guide your recovery and provide guidance regarding intensity of a workout. Overall, the Under Armour Velociti RE is a pretty decent option for shorter running distances. I’m not sure if they would beat out Nike running shoes, adidas running shoes or New Balance running shoes. And I don’t think they will make the list for Best Running Shoes 2017 / Best Running Shoes for Men.

These shoes were provided to RIZKNOWS free of charge by Under Armour for the express purpose of testing such product; however, we are under no obligation to provide a favorable review or endorsement of this product. RIZKNOWS retains full editorial control over the content in this video and has not accepted any monetary compensation from Under Armour to provide this video.

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Arun Kumar says:

Rizknows :awesome as fan
Under armour : i love the apparels and Gemini 2.1 or 2…. Not much on Gemini 3…. I love so much the 2.1 Gemini, I expect more on 3 and got disappointed, so bought again Gemini 2.1….
In my opinion velocity is a not a great shoes….

On this vedio : first 2 min is just bla blah about re and map my run and Rizknows (i agree for 10 sec)…. Then the review……..

Looking for deals in ua T shirt… Nice job Rizknows have a nice day.

Christopher Lee says:

Hey, Jeff! I actually got myself a pair of the record equipped Gemini 3’s, and I had never used the Map My Run app (loyal Runtastic runner) and I have a few questions. How do you trigger the jump test? And how do you trigger it before a run? Thanks for your help!

Aaron Espinoza says:

Rizknows do you use P90X

David M.R. says:

could you please review birddog shorts

Joseph larkin says:

Seems like they are trying to modernize the Nike+. Map my run, this is cool, but for just 4 miles I think it’s a waste. But that’s just me.

NYA Fitness says:

Explain what neutral means please

donkeyenvious says:

Jeff, every single pair of shoes you’ve reviewed is a half size small lol. Are you sure about your shoe size lol?

Al Turist says:

So, mainly you review crossfit or road running shoes. Have you ever made trail running shoes reviews before? Or everything is so paved in your city that you don’t use them?
Shoes with bluetooth, hah. What next, underwear with bluetooth?

Jim Jimenez says:

Review the UA Charged Ultimate 2.0 Please!

Ketut Deddy says:

Thanks riz… Really helpful… What about the europa?

Ruel Payawal says:

Can you make a video on sprint shoes?? I’m looking to get one. Thanks!

Samuel Koeplin says:


Carlos Rivera says:

rizknows they actually are made for distance and speed. because they are a mixture of the ua sling shot(speed) and the sling ride(distance) u can use them up to the half marathon distance

Josh says:

Under Armour shoes have terrible ankle support. At least the running shoes. They cut the shoes way too low trying to look sleek but take away much needed support.

Han nibal says:

UA SpeedForm® Gemini 3 Record-Equipped?
UA SpeedForm® Europa Record-Equipped?
UA SpeedForm® Velociti Record-Equipped?

What is the different?
Which is prefer to run 20miles per week?

lifeonground says:

review saucony freedom iso and kinvara 8.

John Control says:

Whats the best affordable long distance running shoes?

विनय V२१ says:


Nate The Great says:


Jack Darbyshire says:

love your channel dude please can you review the nike air zoom pegasus 33

Adam David says:

Official Rizknows spotify playlist?



Anson Hu says:

PLEASE PLZ PLEASE Do a REview on the NIke Air zoom ElitE 9! would really want to know how it performs, thanks()

Rj Sully says:

Rizknows if you pin this it will make my day

Jeff Dorsey says:

I really like my pair of Velociti runners, more than my Gemini shoes. They are light weight and fast, and perfect for me because I like shorter, high intensity runs and doing interval sprint work in them.

Wayne Richter says:

I’ll be ignoring these. I don’t get along with Under Armor’s stuff. Personally they just aren’t for me starting with their atrocious looks and durability. In fact I don’t get along well with any American company sports brands apart from one pair of Nike Air runners I used back in the 90’s. They were very light, comfortable and advanced for the time. I forget the exact model name but I loved them. A pity they don’t make them like that anymore.

Donny Wisor says:

Now you have me wondering which is right. Record as in writing down data or record as in that round black thing that holds music?

Azartus Gman says:

You should review this really unique running shoe called the altra escalante. It’s like a blend of the nike free with boost a knit upper and with more features like a “natural toebox” (foot-shaped, not tapered like most shoes) and 0 drop (for natural running form, no heel striking). Supposedly its really plush and cushioned like boost but lightweight at 8 oz. I would love to see you review this shoe as there are few out there. I’m not sure if this is your type of running shoe, be it a minimalistic low drop shoe, but I’d still like to hear your feedback.

Patrick Wirball says:

can you review the ultra boost un caged addidas?

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